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    S3 8p 2007 symhony- which do i have

    Would someone tell me which version symphony I have in my 2007 MY s3. Im assuming its a 2+ is that correct ? I want to get a dension 300 but true to dension form there application chart is as good as there instructions and I dont want to get the wrong one.
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    Cant believe its not fixed

    So my rear washer b6 avant packed up, i filled the bottle but nothing coming out. Right I think, I wonder if this is like my SEAT leon where the pipe fitting blew in the sill. So i give it a long squirt and next there is fuid pouring out the tailgate. A quick net search later transpires this is...
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    DIS Stalk

    Hi, Im a newbie to A4 but not Audi since I had a S3 APR,d some years back. These days my requirements are somewhat different so I have a b6 avant sport 1.9tdi for about 2 weeks. Im on the upgrade route for DIS , RNS e and so on. I have searched the forums for DIS stalk part no,s but now confused...