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    krispy kreme

    is the krispy kreme meet still on for tuesday 3rd july at 7.30pm at new malden?
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    Back from inters now remapped

    Hi guys, back from inters and now my a3 is remapped with revo software. Got it done for 167 quid at the revo tt stand. Got a free quarter mile run with it too, done really bad, 8.9 0-60 and hit the quarter in 17 flat. Missed 2nd due to worn bush and didn't quit get off the line when it hit...
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    help please

    fitted coilovers couple weeks ago, everything i thought me and my father in law done properly. anyway i noticed the rear was more bouncy than before when just fitted and so i had a look underneath the back end to see what was wrong. omg i was in horror as to what i saw, basically the 2 pics i...
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    coilovers now fitted

    spent 3.5 hours today popping on my new coilovers. fk sports, handles brilliant now, firm but smooth. also cured my knocking noise ive had for months. new top mounts sorted this. big shout to my father in law for helping me out today, really suprised at how she is sitting with no actual...
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    Arb drop links advice

    Basically my arb drop links arrived as I'm lowering the car Saturday on coilovers. Just put them next to my standard one and the new adjustable ones are longer by about an inch. Will I get knocking or rubbing using the new ones? Cheers....
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    help needed please help

    bit of a dilemma, basically coilovers arrived today , stupid me forgot to order adjustable drop links. anyway searched ebay and looking 4-6 working days. yikes, im fitting my coilovers this saturday. anybody know where i could get these for saturday or before? dont mind driving to get them. im...
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    Purchased coilovers

    Just bought a set of fk street coilovers off eBay and should have them Tuesday. Am I still right in thinking that I can drop a max 45mm before I need different drop links? They start off 35 lower. Anybody had much luck with these coilovers? Cheers.... Oh and I'm running 225/45/18s front and back...
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    Happy days

    Well after debating I decided to keep the car and chose today to fit my TIP that I've had for about a month. What a cow bag it was to fit, so tight to slip over the end of the turbo. I got the creations Motorsport one. After bolting everything back up I took it for a test drive. Big smiles. More...
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    is it time to sell?

    basically had my car 17 months, 15.5 of this with no breakdowns. a3 1.8t agu.... 6 weeks ago took car to local mechanic as had a knocking noise, had 2 lower wish bones replaced as were really dangerous around the rubbber mounts. a week later the bolt fell out of the arb link and caused numorous...
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    happy days the TIP has arrived

    my creations motorsport TIP has arrived today. wasnt expecting until tomorrow (friday) can say it looks like a very well made piece of kit, no rough edges at all and half the price of a forge pipe. carnt wait to fit hopefully saturday if it stays dry enough as will most probably be working on it...
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    hope ive bought the right one

    VW GOLF MK4 1.8T 20VT SILICONE TURBO INTAKE PIPE AGU | eBay my car is a3 1998 agu ko3 is this the correct pipe? do i need anything else for it too fit? ie adapters etc thanks....
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    will this fit my car

    VW GOLF MK4 Audi TT A3 1.8 Turbo 150 180 INDUCTION KIT GREEN COTTON P359 | eBay i have a 1998 agu engine 150bhp a3, just wanted to know if it will fit with no problems. thanks guys
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    carnt decide and need advice

    pretty simple question really i have a 150bhp ko3 agu engine and i want more power how much money is a rough estimate for a ko4 conversion? i dont want to remap it and then wished id gone ko4, but saying that if its a question of a few hundred pounds against a few thousand then i could live with...
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    how low on 18s

    hi guys hope your all ok finally done my 1st mod last night and fitted a set of 18 inch alloys with 225/40/18 tyres.... 1st thing is how low can i drop her without rubbing and having to do the front arb mod? 2nd thing is how inaccurate is my speedo now? have been told by someone if my...
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    monza 2012

    finally booked up tickets for monza this year dream come true, always wanted to watch the f1 live flying out 7th september with my stepdad so we will catch saturday practice, qualy and the race sunday happy days :-)
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    clunk clunk clunk

    well after a few months finally got some spare time and taken my car to a local mechanic to sort out a bogus clunk. 2 garages couldnt find what it was so i left it and left it and left it, that is until i couldnt put up with the clonking any more. hopefully fingers crossed it wont be much to fix...
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    another temperature question

    for the past 2 day when i pop the ignition on i get a beeping sound and a red flashing sign which looks like something water related. what is this? , also car will only warm up to around 75-80 degrees when driving, if in traffic it does go to 90 degrees but then once moving it goes back to 75-80...
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    new year and new budget

    well now after xmas i am left with a tidy £1000 to spend on the old girl, standard 1998 a3 2wd agu turbo. done oil and filter change recently. would love to start modding asap. want something smooth driving, exhaust noise powerfull rather than just loud and tinny, obviously more power, better...
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    sunroof and roof lining

    hi all just a quick question if anybody can help :-) basically i have a really bad rattle in the roof lining, think it is a metal plate or something come loose thats attached to the sunroof. the sunroof works fine still for now but i need to investigate more and was wondering how hard the roof...
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    need help with arb

    good evening all, had a clonking noise ages ago from the front and me being me decided to leave it but now its got much worse, slightest bump, rapid steering movement, speed humps it bangs, steering and cornering still feel tight i would say. Anyway im going to replace the arb bushes 1st and see...