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  1. Potterswheel

    Facelift What's in your tool roll?

    I know this may seem a bit dull, but I had course to look in the tool roll in the boot of my MY2017 S3 today. Is my tool roll complete as the bits and bobs don't seem to fit in any particular place? What is the credit card shaped thing for? What is the see through plastic pouch for on the outside?
  2. Potterswheel

    Facelift chassis or reg N°

    Hi, is anyone who has B&O as a factory option willing to share their reg or chassis N° by pm or email so that I can check out some part numbers for my B&O retrofit? thanks in advance
  3. Potterswheel

    Facelift Mystery connector for pipe

    Does any one know what should be connected to this outlet? it is on the righthand side of the engine just under the engine cover and between it and the airbox? 2017 S3
  4. Potterswheel

    New S1 Quattro rally car

    Have you guys seen this and the series that it links to??
  5. Potterswheel

    Facelift Vital fluids

    This is what £350.00 of Audi gear oils looks like:- 6 l of DSG oil 2 l of differential oil 0.85 l of Haldex oil + the relevant filters, seals and drain/filler plugs I plan to change all my vital fluids over the next couple of weeks, watch this space!!!!
  6. Potterswheel

    Facelift Extreme de-badge

    Opinions please; I will shortly be taking the front Bumper cover off my 2017 facelift S3 saloon when cutting new sensor mounting holes for parking sensors and am considering completely removing the badge mounting when/if I have to have the center section of the grill resprayed :- What do you...
  7. Potterswheel

    Facelift Part numbers

    I wonder if we can have a sticky thread where we can share part numbers of regularly used items with each other???? Obviously they will need checking, but its a good start.............
  8. Potterswheel

    Facelift S3 specific workshop manual

    Can anyone recommend a current S3 specific workshop manual or a good manual to use. I used to have elsawin but can no longer get it to work since upgrading to windows 10
  9. Potterswheel

    Facelift Rear Wheel Stuck on !!!!!!!!! SAFETY warning!

    I finally got round to attempting to clean and service my rear brakes today, but stumbled at the first hurdle and then found a second. Firstly I could not undo the wheel nuts even with an extension, god knows how tight they were or if they had just grown on! eventually fixed with an extension...
  10. Potterswheel

    Facelift Passenger seat storage drawer LHD >> RHD

    Does anyone know if the under seat storage drawer from a LH drive car would fit the passenger seat on a RH drive car? has anyone ever tried this? If so would any of our European members be interested in some post Brexit trade for one obtained from a European breakers??? I would be willing to pay...
  11. Potterswheel

    Plastic polishing, has anyone tried compound on their rear lights

    Hi has anyone ever tried compounding their rear lights just to remove washing scratches etc. as you would do with your paintwork???
  12. Potterswheel

    Facelift Multi function switch bar

    I am in the throws of fitting front and rear parking sensors to my 2017 FL S3, originally I was only going to fit rear sensors and a camera but after discussions on this forum I am educated that I can't have a fully operational rear system without the front sensors and replacing the...
  13. Potterswheel

    Work light I'm going blind!

    Can anyone recommend a decent work light, Its a while since I have been so involved with my car and as time goes on I am struggling with my sight and tolerance of bright lights and changes between light and dark. I find most of the new LED's to be almost too bright. I installed LED lighting in...
  14. Potterswheel

    Grey Nappa leather. treatment

    My 2017 S3's Grey Nappa Leather is in great condition and I would like to keep it that way, is there a product which can be applied to 'feed the leather' without making it all shiny and sticky. I have used Connolly hide treatment on previous cars which I feel is for a more traditional leather...
  15. Potterswheel

    Facelift 2017 S3 Rear bumper full of mud am I missing something??

    I have recently removed the bumper off my 2017 S3 to fit rear parking sensors, when I did it was full of mud, am I missing something or is this normal?? Should I have an extension or cove behind the arch liners?
  16. Potterswheel

    Facelift S3 2017 wiring loom damage at boot lid swan neck!!!!! WARNING!!!!

    Look what I found today whilst routing the cables for my rear camera and rear PDC sensors through the boot, My car has done 1600 miles and has seen very little use, especially in the boot area its like new, the wiring loom for the boot lamp units, boot release and N° plate lamps is clipped to...
  17. Potterswheel

    Number plate fixings

    My rear number plate 'came off in my hand' today whilst cleaning the car, good job really! I have had my 2017 facelift S3 saloon for about a month now and find that the garage swapped the plates to ones with their name on them, only thing is they have made a poor (polite) job of fixing the new...