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  1. 90jb11

    cory jones

    cory jones is getting prosecuted next wednesday at notts crown cort whos got a gun
  2. 90jb11

    anyone from grantham

    hi is there anyone from grantham that have got some mods and would mind showing them of so i can get some ideas of what i could do i have a audi a3 1.8
  3. 90jb11

    car mats locating clip

    hi one of my locaring clips on my car mat that holds it to the floor has gone missing dont suppose anyone knows were i cam buy the clip from or is anyone selling?
  4. 90jb11

    car mat clips

    hi the clips for my car mats have come off anyone selling or anyone have any they willing to sell?
  5. 90jb11

    engine tray

    hi iv caught my engine tray on my car and its riped it of anyone no were i can get one cheep or is it fine without it?
  6. 90jb11

    lowering springs or coilovers

    iv seen some lowering springs for sale are they anygood or is it just better to spend bit more and get coilovers?
  7. 90jb11

    smoothing the airbox

    hi whats this smoothing the airbox all about what does it do and is there a tutorial about it? thanks
  8. 90jb11

    breather pipe gone soft

    hi my beather pipe have gone soft like putty they shud be hard has abyone hear had to replace them and how much was they
  9. 90jb11

    any way to make my car quicker

    hi i wanna try and get the most of my car without spending loads of money on it and ideas?
  10. 90jb11

    things i can do for free

    hi i got a 1.8 and i want to mod it up bit but i cant yet because im skint anyone have any ideas i can do to it?
  11. 90jb11

    sticking fuel gauge

    hi i filled my tank up the other day it wasnt full to brim just under the full mark on gauge but now it says it full and hasnt moved do you think its sticking or it just never read right when i filled it?
  12. 90jb11


    hi just want to no what was the first mod that people did to there cars?
  13. 90jb11

    paint my brake calipers

    hi im thinking about painting my brake calipers red but not sure what you lot think?
  14. 90jb11

    tinting my windows

    hi im thinking about tinting my windows but im not sure if it will look good can anyone tell me what they think this is my car
  15. 90jb11

    seen a lowering kit on ebay

    hi iv seen a lowering kit on ebay but i havent heard of the make its call JOM has anyone heard of it and is it any good?
  16. 90jb11

    wanted lowering kit for a3

    hi i want a lowering kit for my 1998 audi a3 any1 selling??? thanks
  17. 90jb11

    ideas to mod my a3

    hi im thinking bout modding up my a3 but i dont no what will be most effective to make it look good any help thanks