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  1. chanlon1

    For Sale Audi Boot Cargo Net - Part no. 8V0861716

    Used Genuine Audi Cargo Boot Net. Came from a 2017 Audi S5. Part No. 8V0861716 May fit other Audi's, buyer needs to check. £20 which includes UK postage/packaging
  2. chanlon1

    Sold Audi Ashtray/Coin Holder - Part No. 8X0864575A

    Audi Ashtray/Coin Holder - Part No. 8X0864575A. Item is used, but in very good condition. Came from a 2017 Audi S5. £12.50 - which includes UK postage/packaging
  3. chanlon1

    MY2018 S5 sportback windows software update

    Many of us have had issues with the windows having a mind of their own, not dropping when the door is opened, dropping too much, one touch not working etc. Mine was back in the dealers yesterday for the umpteenth time. This time they told me there was a new software update for it that came...
  4. chanlon1

    Has any A4/S4 owners experienced this with CarPlay?

    Check my B9 S5 videos on thread Curious if A4/S4 is having same issues?
  5. chanlon1

    Video evidence that ios12 cause Apple CarPlay issues

    The below video was taken of an iPhone 5 running ios10 connected to a 2017 (MY2018) S5 Sportback. You can see that specifically in the podcasts app, you can pause/play, and fast forward/rewind. The next video was taken straight afterwards and is an iPhone XS running ios12 connected to the...
  6. chanlon1

    MY 2018 S5: My catalogue of errors.....

    4 months old, S5 sportback and still loving it. Did have the original issue with the passenger front window not going up/down correctly, however, only happened once and the dealer reset the window and it hasn't happened again. However....the following are issues that have appeared over the...
  7. chanlon1

    Accessing Siri

    with the iPhone connected to the car via cable and Car Play active, is there a way of talking to Siri? The only way I have managed to get it working is to be shouting loudly so that the phone in the centre armrest can hear me. In the S3 8V I could presss the voice control button on the...
  8. chanlon1

    MY2018 S5 Sportback multifunction steering wheel button issue

    I have it set to bring up the Drive Select options. However on more than one occasion when I press it nothing happens. When I go into the setting it up screen, the correct option is selected. If I then try it,it will work. Anyone else?
  9. chanlon1

    Apple CarPlay

    Hoping someone can advise. iPhone 7 is plugged in to car and car play is activated. On the screen I navigate to Amazon Music or Spotify and select it. Nothing happens. Blank screen. If I lift up the phone, and access Amazon Music or Spotify directly on the phone, it then appears on the car...
  10. chanlon1

    S5: Only just discovered this......

    MY2018 S5 Sportback....... Coming home this evening, had the head lights on dipped, pushed the stalk to throw them onto full beam and nothing happened. Then I happened to notice the symbol on the dash that said "Auto". By chance, I hit a dark area and next minute the full beams come on. A car...
  11. chanlon1

    DVD and video on SD card working

    I've had difficulty trying to read on here what formats etc of video would work. No doubt there is a thread out there detailing all....alas I didn't see it. Anyway, on my 2017 S5, popping a DVD (Home Alone :redface new:) into the drive and the movie ran fine including all the chapter options...
  12. chanlon1

    Drive Select Button on steering wheel

    I have set the * button on the steering wheel to alter the drive select mode. When driving, if I press it, the centre screen displays the options and has efficiency selected and listed as the first one. If I do nothing, it appears to do nothing. If I want to select Efficiency, I need to select...
  13. chanlon1

    S5 - I don't know what to say........

    I guess Audi S5's appeal to all types......
  14. chanlon1

    Changed S3 to an S5

    Recently changed my S3 (8V) to a new S5. Couple of items for sale on this forum: Clearmounts phone holder: see here£25.334706/ AMI Cables:
  15. chanlon1

    Collected Ibis White S5 Sportback today

    Said good bye to the S3, and picked up the Ibis White S5 Sportback today from Belfast Audi. As ever, perfect Customer Service. Needless to say the photos do not do justice. In addition to the car, the other half got a nice bunch of flowers: and my 6yr old son got an audi teddy...
  16. chanlon1

    Does the 2017 S5 suffer from lag like the S4?

    Theres a long S4 post here talking about really dangerous lag when pulling out onto roundabouts etc. Haven't seen anything mentioned in the A5/S5 section. Does the A5/S5 have the same issues?
  17. chanlon1

    Extended LED interior lighting

    All the write up that I can find indicate that this package allows you to select from about 3 or so different colours. However, I have seen screenshots from the MMI that makes it look like an indefinite colour range can be chosen. Have I mis understood?
  18. chanlon1

    Is hill hold assist worth the £75?

    I've never sat in traffic on my daily commutes finding I am putting the car in Park/neutral and engaging the electronic parking brake. If I need to hold the car still, I use my left foot on the brake. Therefore, what are the advantages to this hill hold assist technology. Convince me that...
  19. chanlon1

    Tyre ratings of original tyres that came with the S3

    As title says..... Can anyone point me in the direction as to where I can find out what the rating of the tyres that came with the S3 8V? Thanks
  20. chanlon1

    Wonder if new prices will be online now??? is unavailable. down for maintenance. Wonder if they are updating prices etc.......