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  1. mrobbie

    Sold 9x19” ET32 RIVA ATM with Goodyear F1 Assy5

    Sold my B9 S4 and so the wheels I put on it are up for sale Set of 4 RIVA ATV alloy wheels in gunmetal with polished lip - 9” x 19” ET32 which sat nice and flush on my S4 - one has light kerb rash (photo) - one has paint chipped round the centre logo cap Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric 5 tyres...
  2. mrobbie

    Webuyanycar.... surprising price?!?

    Looking at swapping out my B9 S4 and after a couple of low ball PX offers, I thought I’d try WBAC to see how low these were to negotiate a bit harder. WBAC came in far higher than expected. Even amending the assumptions re MOT and a car park knock on a door (which took £98 off) it’s a great...
  3. mrobbie

    Sold Ramair filter (B9 S4)

    Selling the Ramair filter I had fitted on my B9 S4 Fitted March 19 and removed in June when the car went for its service Part No. CC-501-90 £15 collected from Surrey (KT16) or can post for an additional £5 (DHL Next Day) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. mrobbie

    For Sale Forge wheel spacers (x4) + bolts + locks

    Having changed my wheels I’m no longer using my Forge spacers on my B9 S4 4x 11mm Forge spacers 5x112 / 5x100, 66mm CB (black) Set of Bimecc extended bolts and lockers (black) Fitted these in March 19 and came off the car March 20 Cost me £125 £80 collected (Surrey, KT16) or can post for...
  5. mrobbie

    Car value... seems severe? B9 S4

    Has anyone a view on how the value of the B9 S4 is holding? I’m 21 months into a 48 month PCP, below agreed mileage, 3.1% finance, and my settlement figure is approx £7k more than trade price [emoji44] Approaching the half way mark in a PCP I always expected to be in the negative, but that...
  6. mrobbie

    B9 S4 "hub lip" length?

    Trying to buy spacers for my S4 Avant, and have been asked to confirm the length of the hub lip... I know the car has CB 66.6mm, but cannot find anything about the hub lip... Anyone happen to know this?
  7. mrobbie

    Dog travel options?

    We have a Labrador and are looking into options for how best to have him in the cars. We’ve got a 2018 Q5 and a 2018 S4 Avant, but buying a dog guard and divider for both cars seems excessive (£400ish), so had through of a crate that we could swap over as required - finding one that fits both...
  8. mrobbie

    ****** foxes...

    Woke up this morning to a rather muddy car as a fox has been all over it last night. Realised on the way home from work as the sun hit the windscreen that as is slid down the windscreen it’s left 7 or 8 scratches in the glass. Paint scratched in places too. Think those will polish out but...
  9. mrobbie

    Alarm going off...

    Drive into a multi story car park just now. Windows and roof closed. Lights on Auto. Got out, locked car. 30 seconds later alarm going off. Return to car, check everything is closed etc, same thing happened 30 seconds later. And a 3rd time. Gave up. Drove home. Parked. Alarm now fine. Anyone...
  10. mrobbie

    New 19” alloys

    So... I had an S4 ordered with 19” V spoke alloys, then for reasons I won’t bring up now, I had to cancel the order and take another at an alternate dealer which comes with the standard ‘10 v spoke’ alloys. They just don’t do it for me and so I plan to change. I’ve seen a few non-S cars and S...
  11. mrobbie

    Tyres on 19” rim

    Hi I was starting my clear out ahead of my S4 arriving and my BMW 5 series winter wheels were top of the list. The alloys obviously won’t fit, however I thought the tyres might? They are 255/40/19... bigger diameter than standard 245-35/19 which means the speedometer will show marginally...
  12. mrobbie

    Buying advice: 2008 Q7 TDI

    Got a viewing of an '08 Q7 3.0 TDI S-Line 240 next week. Anyone got any pointers / advice to help me when I'm looking over it. (If all goes well, might have a Q7 and a TT in the drive by end of next week...) Thanks
  13. mrobbie

    Buying advice: 2007 TT 3.2 manual

    Got a viewing of an '07 TT 3.2 manual next week and struggling to find a buying guide to help me. Anyone got any pointers / advice? Thanks
  14. mrobbie

    Q7 and snow?

    Getting all set to move to Romania for a few years with work and have just sold our Range Rover Sport Supercharged. Planning a replacement 4x4 as when it snows in Romania, it properly snows. I'm deciding between a RRS TDV8 and a Q7 3.0 TDI. From my own experience, Iknow the RRS would handle...