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  1. Candell

    Fuel Gauge Broken

    Has anyone had this before, I filled up the tank at 40 miles remaining, drove off but the gauge didn't change. Instead it has continued to go down, I now have 10 miles according to the car and the right hand marker is also still on red. I went back to the fuel station and could only get a few...
  2. Candell

    My Audi App Update - easily export your driving data as a csv

    Hi I have downloaded the latest My Audi Android app version and in the release notes is this "easily export your driving data as a csv" Has anyone managed to find this in the app? Thanks
  3. Candell

    Handbrake on engine shutoff

    Usually turning off the engine also puts on the handbrake automatically and puts the car in park. My daughter's school is on a steep hill so in the morning I park up, turn off the engine and go to get out. This morning, I parked up quite close to a car, turned off and took my foot off the brake...
  4. Candell

    Damp windscreen

    My A6 more often than not has a damp windscreen. My previous Audi's have misted up easily if I do not have the aircon on permanently but the A6 is damp and takes a good 5 minutes of the front blower on to begin to clear it. I contacted Audi who repeatedly mention to have the aircon on which it...
  5. Candell

    Location of OBD Connector

    Does anyone know where the OBD connector is in the A6? Thanks.
  6. Candell

    Has anyone privately sold their A4?

    Trade in I get 15k, privately sold similar cars on autotrader are 19k so realistically 18k which is still a 3k difference if I put the effort in and sell myself. But my question is, do people buy 18k cars privately? Has anyone sold their A4 privately, share any experiences please.
  7. Candell

    20" wheels ride quality

    Hi I have seen a nearly new A6 Avant S Line, I have test driven an S Line with 19" wheels and the ride was comfortable, however the car I have seen has 20" wheels. Will this stiffen the ride significantly? Thanks
  8. Candell

    Brake fluid change

    I have received an email from Audi "The brakes in your Audi A4 are some of its hardest working components – and brake fluid is vital to keep them in sound working order. That’s why a brake fluid change is necessary after a car’s 3rd birthday, and every 2 years after that. The time has now come...
  9. Candell

    Exposed grate damage

    The other day my wife drove into an exposed grate in my car. It cut the wheel in several places and took a chunk out of the alloy. I've put the spacesaver on and driving feels ok, but on braking it is very juddery. I've never driven with a spacesaver before but I assume that wouldn;t cause the...
  10. Candell

    Playing on the snow and ESP

    Yesterday was the first time we have had 'proper' snow since having the B9, lots of slush and ice but not real snow. Despite being on summer tyres (I'm in a great position in that if the weather is bad, I don't go out so without getting in to the tyre debate again, I just leave summers on) and...
  11. Candell

    What feature do you regret not having?

    I have had the car for a year now and loving it, although really wish I had the memory seat function. The wife never used my previous cars unless she needed the boot space for a trip, however since having a whine at me for buying an estate that is also an automatic, she has come to love it and...
  12. Candell

    Stop start duration

    my previous Honda would activate stop start for about 15 minutes before turning the engine back in, but the A4 turns back on after about 15 seconds. How long does everyone else's stay off for?
  13. Candell

    Satnav funnies

    It was my first long drive today so got to set up the sat nav and noticed a few funny street names / stupid directions such as wanting me to come off the motorway, go around the roundabout then back on to the motorway or come off the main road, go up a single track side road then back on to the...
  14. Candell

    Carista or VCDS

    I am wanting to make a few mods to my B9 and have found either the VCDS system or Carista app. By all accounts, VCDS is a much more comprehensive system but costly. Carista is £30 for the adapter and £10 for a week app access to make the changes but limited to what the app has built in to it...
  15. Candell

    New owner questions

    Hi everyone I have had my avant for a week now, all good apart from a few little bits. Can anyone help answer a few questions please? I have the tech pack and virtual cockpit, trying to set up Audi connect it keeps asking me to insert a SIM card, however the sales rep told me the SIM card...