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    Recommend Screenwash

    Can anyone tell me what the recommended screenwash is for the 8Y My old A1 & A3 I used VW Quantum but now I see they do a fine fan jet. I’ve a few work mates who put the cheap stuff in but then moan when the jets block up.
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    Car is back from the dealership

    I’ll try and keep this as short as possible. Today I collected my car back from the dealership, so after a few back and forth’s with me saying something wasn’t right with the car and it was very notchie from 3rd to 4th and makes a awful noise when stationary the dealer removed the gearbox and...
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    Hybrid online radio .

    Can anyone help when I first got my car the online feature was active which meant I could choose a country I wanted to listen to internet radio from and also if the local radio station lost signal the web streaming service took over. You could also listen to online podcasts. With all the...
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    Recent observations re the MMI issues

    As many of you may well know I’ve had many issues with my MMI in my car. It’s been back to the dealership many times, but one thing I’ve noticed is the last time it came back it worked fine for 3 weeks until I used CarPlay. can anyone here say if they have issues with there MMI who are not...
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    Audi Connect unavailable

    Anyone else having issues with Audi connect ? mines been like this since Friday
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    Quick update

    So rather than posting multiple answers on numerous threads I thought I’d let you all know where I’m at with my A3 S-line tdi So as many of you may know I had a few issues with my car since I collected it back in November. Firstly the 3rd page on the mmi isn’t happening and to be honest a lot...
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    MMI error

    MMI error This whole situation is becoming a joke now. I’ve had about enough of this car already.
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    MMI view

    Does anyone else have this option on there MMI ? If so how do you get it or is it another 2020 software version
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    Audi rings puddle led part number

    Can someone please tell me the part number of the puddle led’s that come with the edition one ? ( four rings type ) The ones that come as standard are pretty useless.
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    New A3 saloon boot unlock from fob

    Hi new to forum . Picked up my new A3 saloon last week . When I double click the boot unlock it just releases , should it open or just release. My old saloon if you held the boot unlock button the boot sprung open . Does anyone know before I call the dealers please?