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  1. wab172uk

    New Car Ordered - Toyota Yaris GR-Four

    Not been on here for a while. Nice to see people are starting to order the new A3 / S3. After waiting for the reviews, and now seeing them, I've take the plunge and ordered the new Yaris GR-Four. Seeing what Toyota have done to this car, and all the bespoke equipment they've added to it with...
  2. wab172uk

    Will the New A3 now be delayed?

    Just been reading that the MK8 Golf production has been halted due to more software problems. Also affecting the new Skoda.
  3. wab172uk

    RS3 Post & pre WLTP drag race. Interesting !!

    Not much in it then. But good to see them being driven side by side.
  4. wab172uk

    Test drove the A35 AMG yesterday

    After the X3 M40i, I thought I'd test drive the A35 AMG, with the option of buying the Saloon version. I test drove the hatch. First impressions sat inside. Quite impressed with the tech, and liked the feel of the seats and steering wheel. I'd requested an extended drive, so was a bit miffed...
  5. wab172uk

    Test drove a X3 M40i yesterday

    As per title. Been thinking of a few cars that I might wish to change the S3 to next year. Spoke to my local BMW dealer Tuesday, and they had an X3 M40i demonstrator in. Champion! Collected it yesterday. First thoughts when it was driven round was that it sounded fantastic. Probably exhaust...
  6. wab172uk

    S3 wheel colour change?

    I've recently had 3 wheels refurbished. I kerbed one, and Audi paid for the rear 2 after it looked liked they were damaged while it was with them for 7 weeks while my new engine was awaiting fitting. Upon collecting the car I noticed the refurbished wheels looked darker around the edges...
  7. wab172uk

    If the new A3 gets the Q3 interior

    Picked up my car after about 6 / 7 weeks in the dealers getting it's new engine transplant. Back to full health !!. Sat in a few of the cars in the showroom while waiting to be seen.. First car. A1. Jesus, talk about cheap scratchy plastics !!! Even the Ford Fiesta has better materials inside...
  8. wab172uk

    How would a new engine effect value?

    Following on from a previously posted thread. Had engine issues. Cost to find the fault ...... £2400. Fault found. Cracked Piston and something with the rings. It now needs a new engine. Total cost £13,000 !!!!! So now I'm hoping Audi are going to provide a new engine, as otherwise I'll have...
  9. wab172uk

    Cylinder 1 misfire.

    Here we go. As per my previous thread. EPC light came on sat at traffic lights. engine off, engine on. Worked fine. Next set of traffic lights, same again. Engine light then appeared, and runs as rough as a Badgers B*****k at idle, and sounded like it was dropping a Cylinder. It has indeed...
  10. wab172uk

    The dreaded EPC light strikes again !!!

    Just spent a week in North Wales on holiday. Lovely place. Noticed the car was starting to judder slightly at low revs. Happened all week. Thought it was a bit weird, but not too concerned. Driving home yesterday. Not too far from our cottage, and the damn EPC light comes on, and it sounds...
  11. wab172uk

    Buy your new car before 2022 Hope Audi have the new S3 out before 2022. Same for the next Focus RS. Otherwise we all might as well buy 1.0l Fiesta's. Think car manufacturers will sell shed load of car in 2021. Sales collapse in 2022. The end is Nigh for the motor car, and any...
  12. wab172uk

    Extended warranty costs

    So the S3 is coming to the end of it's 3 year manufacturer warranty next month. What have people been paying to extend their warranty? I'm tempted to keep with Audi, and it's coming in at £487 with no excess. Are people paying less or more than that? And who else should I look at? And are they...
  13. wab172uk

    EPC Light?

    Was driving the other day, and as I came out of a tight bend, I accelerated in second gear. As I did so, the car seamed to slightly stutter, and I thought I'd hit a bit of black ice. Straight away the EPC light came on, but the car was driving normally. Got my destination, not too much further...
  14. wab172uk

    Mr JWW ABT Tuning Audi warranty safe?

    Just been looking at his video regarding his S1. Has stated the ABT Products are now Audi warranty safe, as long as you only go for a simple tuning. I assume stage 1. Can't find anything online regarding this. Would love to tune my S3, but lack of warranty should anything go wrong has always...
  15. wab172uk

    YouTube adverts

    Annoying as they are, they are becoming seriously annoying. Anyone else noticed that a lot of videos now come with 2 adverts before hand? What next? 3 minutes of adverts to every YouTube video. Grrrr
  16. wab172uk

    Depreciation between Saloon & Sportback

    Does anyone know what is holding value better between an S3 Saloon and S3 Sportback? Thinking about ordering an RS3 for April delivery. I bought an S3 saloon over the Sportback as I think the Saloon looks better. But I'm undecided with the RS3. The Sportback actually looks more sporty. As an...
  17. wab172uk

    Anyone good at Photoshop?

    Can anyone photoshop the SB wheels onto the Saloon? If I can't order them with the car, I might have to buy some additional wheels instead. Or just get a SB
  18. wab172uk

    Evo's first review of the FL RS3 SB Sounds promising. Glad Passive dampers will be standard. £45k for SB, so possible £46.5 for Saloon. Still looking at £50k car without trying on the options list though. Hopefully the car will come pretty...
  19. wab172uk

    Honest opinions on DSG only

    I currently have an S3 Saloon, bought because I could opt for a Manual gearbox. Main reason why I didn't buy the last RS3 (No manual) Now that the RS3 Saloon will soon be available to order, it's doing my head in. I want to order one badly, but scared that after a few weeks of ownership, the...
  20. wab172uk

    S3 Servicing?

    Had my S3 a year now, and it's done 13,000 miles. Phoned up Audi today to see about booking it in for a Service. Apparently, it doesn't need one until 2 years, or 19,000 miles. As I now work from home, it going to be 2 years. How do other service there S3? Every 12 months, or just wait till...