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  1. Av4nt

    Sad times :( bye to Audi for now..

    I'm still in mourning that the Mrs has dropped the house hunting/deposit bomb and have had to part ways with my S6 :( Many of you have done the same for similar reasons im sure. I miss it terribly! Gone right back into a complete shed of a diesel runabout. Admittedly the money saving is...
  2. Av4nt

    Anyone with experience of Toyo Proxes T1 Sport tyres?

    Looking at new tyres in the medium price range. Anyone running Toyo Proxes T1's? £110 a corner for 19" currently. I took a agamble after buying the car with running what it had on there.... Accelera PH1 budgets lol. Figured Id just get the use out of them and they have lasted just fine and they...
  3. Av4nt

    RS6 Pedals?

    Any of you RS6 C6 (or C7 if they fit the same) owners happen to have a set of Auto RS6 pedals for sale at the moment? Id like to upgrade mine in my S6 cheers
  4. Av4nt

    the great offset and wheels confusion

    sorry this is so common I know but these rim offsets differ in mm alot pleas help haha. So, I am looking at some new wheels for the S6. Currently the ones I am running should be 265/35/19 on OEM S6 rims that are 19x 9j with 52mm offset. The ones I am looking at are OEMS IFG10s rims 19x 9.5j...
  5. Av4nt


    Is anyone using any discs other than OE on your S6? If so what are you running for a decent price? OE discs are expensive AF and surely some decent manufacturer that do drilled and vented instead of OE :)
  6. Av4nt

    V10 S6 - Quad tail pipes or Oval??

    Hi Guys, Having a custom exhaust fitted to my V10 S6 in June and wondered whether oval tailpipes would look better than Quad round ones. Ive had quad on all my cars so far so perhaps a change? What do you think? Poll attached :)
  7. Av4nt

    Soon to be Farewell...

    Hi Guys, Unfortunately I will soon be leaving the B7 battlements and venturing over to the C6 section. Its been wonderful having the S4 but she will be off to a new owner and I will be picking up my new one On 28th April. So the new beast is as follows: C6 S6 5.2 V10 in Metallic Sprint Blue -...
  8. Av4nt

    Does anyone play this? Best of the best. Just wondered if anyone else gives this ago on here? Some nice Audi to play for.
  9. Av4nt

    Oxygen Sensors issue

    Hi, Typically on the way to ADI, Engine light came on so I thought better just get AA out to come and do a code read. Came up with 02 sensor bank 1 Rich, and 02 Sensor Bank 2 Lean. He wasnt overly worried so I still travelled there and back, just the MPG took a little hit, not that it is...
  10. Av4nt

    Some nice noise for you RS3 peeps

    Was randomly watching this video on Youtube..... forward to 1:12 :hubbahubba:
  11. Av4nt one likes this sight do they :( Shes off to hospital!

    with no slipping or juddering symptoms beforehand, I noticed last night that it was kinda hard to get into 2/3/4th gear and thought the slave cylinder was about to s*** itself. This morning I pulled away in 2nd gear and a small jolt and clutch pedal went down and decided not to return. So shes...
  12. Av4nt

    Caliper refurb

    Calipers are in need of a re spray, cant really decide what to go for so theres a poll here to help me decide. S4 is Red with the Dark Grey S4 caliper springs
  13. Av4nt

    Cup Holder sticking

    I need to remove this as below as its not coming out properly and need to investigate why. Can it be removed without dismantling anything else around it?
  14. Av4nt

    Fuchs Race Pro S 5W-40 on offer

    If anyone uses this... it's Currently 20% off on Opie Oils website Voucher Code: ESTER Note* I have already attempted to use that code aswell as the code (10% off) and it doesnt work lol worth a try!
  15. Av4nt

    Front Brake Pads - S4

    Hi guys, I have a tracknight coming up in June and just wondered what recommendations were for uprated brake pads as the OEM ones seem to be pretty ****. The discs are just standard OEM ones also, vented but not drilled etc. With these discs, would new and better front/rear brake pads offer...
  16. Av4nt

    Manny/Mayweather fight

    Anyone know any sites or ways to watch this on stream free as I will be at work? :(
  17. Av4nt

    RS4 rear diffuser fitment on S4?

    Am thinking of taking the stock S4 tailpipes out and replacing them with the oval RS4 tips or even to save flapping about with tailpipes just doing a swapover of backboxes if I grab a used B7 exhaust. Will the RS4 stock valence fit in place of the S4 diffuser like the S4/Sline straight fit...
  18. Av4nt


    Ofc abit premature but will we be playing on the track again through the club like last year? Cannot wait :D
  19. Av4nt

    RS 4 Tailpipes on B7 S4 back boxes?

    Anyone done this mod? Instead of a new exhaust I was wondering if oval tailpipes would be a straight weld onto the existing pipes that come off the S4 back boxes as the RS 4 ovals are joined by double pipes at the rear. Dont really fancy new boxes I quite happy with stock sound really
  20. Av4nt

    Blackcircles Tyres

    Hey, If anyone is wanting new tyres anytime soon and was thinking of giving blackcircles a go.. I ordered two Mich Pilot sport 3 last night at 00:15... and they just arrived less than 13 hours later!!! Some kind of superhuman delivery service? lol And also they offer points with Tesco...