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    a6 2.5 v6 serious smokin is it similar to this.?
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    AFB 2.5 V6 Timing trouble.

    Hi Guys, Has any one done the timing on this engine. If you have please can you provide let me know the way it has to be done. I.e. the steps to follow. Thanks in advance the timing went out 'cos the belt lost a few teeth we have removed the head to check the valves they have been parafin...
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    CAT gone.? A6 V6 tdi 1999

    HI I drove the car today on the motorway to work. Thinking the 30 minute motorway would definately heat up the exhaust and if soem thing was stuck it should have removed ( burned ) it. The more I drove the more the car accelerated. I came of the motorway and it was acelerating faster then...
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    CAT gone.? A6 V6 tdi 1999

    Hi I am goign to go down the de-cat route. Will my car have one cat or 2.? Can some one please let me know asap. Thanks in advance.
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    CAT gone.? A6 V6 tdi 1999

    Hi Guys. I had the oil mist filter problem. Basicly car was smoking and loosing oil really badly. Eventually I changed the oil mist filter and cured the problem. The problem now is when driving the car. It stays in lower gears and power seems to be down. The garage have said cos it is...
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    '00 2.5tdi clouds of white smoke!!!

    Hi guys, Thanks to this forum I have been able to sort out the problem with my Audi. I had the dreaded white smoke pouring out of my exhaust. Wasted money on a new turbo! Am please to say The problem is cured! ****** Oil mist filter.!!!!! Will get pic of my A6 up soon. Thanks guys...