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    Audi A3 1.4 TSI with 511,000km!

    Hi guys! Just wanted to share a photo sent from a friend today. His 2009 Audi A3 1.4. TSI (125bhp) manual has over 511,000km! Until now engine works pretty well according to him. I am the owner of a new Audit A3 (8Y Chassis) and I thought to share it since I am a member here.
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    How can I protect the piano plastic around the gear shifter?

    Hi guys, Does any of you have any good ideas how to protect the piano plastic on the centre console (around the automatic gear shifter)? Can this bought and replaced if I want in the future? Am pretty sure no matter how hard I try to protect it, it will be full of scratches in the future...
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    New owner (some questions)

    Hi guys! I have my new Audi A3 1.5. DSG MHEV for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love it! I have a couple of questions. 1)While am driving and select to change manually the gears how I can set it back to automatic? When I stop, I just put it to neutral (N) and then back to drive...
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    Type of DSG in new Audi A3 1.5 TFSI

    Hi guys, I went today to see and get prices on a new Audi A3 S line 1.5 TFSI S-tronic (7-Speed). I really liked the car even though is above my budget ( I might need to change my budget ). Both inside and outside are great for me. One question I have is about the DSG. I know for low torque...