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    Car feels sluggish after using e10 petrol

    Ever since using e10 fuel at asda about 10 days ago my car feels like it has lost some of the acceleration power when putting my foot to the floor in my 2014 1.8 tsfi, i put in £15 before i noticed it was e10 on the fuel pump, i thought this wasn’t coming in till september so wasn’t even...
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    Weird noise from car after fast drives

    Does anyone know what this sound could be it sounds like its coming from the brakes once i have parked up after some fast driving, i can also smell a slight burning smell aswell sometimes, i have a 2014 1.8tsfi a3 This is video of the sound
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    What is the cause of this noise over speed bumps ? This is a link to the video of the creaking noise over the speed bumps on my 2014 audi a3, the noise is coming from the front driver side but very rarely happens when driving normal, does anyone know what the problem could be ? I was...
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    Does sline and sport suspension have same shock absorbers ?

    I have a 2014 1.8 3 door s line but it has the normal sports suspension instead of the proper s line suspension, i would like to get it slightly lowered to proper s line height and improve the handling and body roll for as cheap as i can, would it be possible to buy the genuine audi s line...
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    How much would new shape a3 be on motability ?

    Does anyone know how much the deposit would be on the new audi a3 on motability and is there anywhere you can order audis on motability apart from a main audi dealer ?
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    Are these drivetec brakes any good they seem cheap

    Just got my car back and it has been fitted with drivetec brake pads and possibly drivetec disks, i have never heard of this brand before are they any good ? The rear disks look a bit cheap looking. The mechanic also said one of the rear calipers was stuck and that he has fixed it instead of...
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    Buying service book and updating myself ?

    Car is coming up for its 1st service since in my ownership and this is my 1st time without the service stamp booklet as its online now, is there anywhere i am able to buy one for my 2014 a3 that will look as good as genuine one ? and also my friend will be doing it at his garage as he normally...
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    Are my brakes damaged ?

    Can anyone tell me if these rear break pads and discs are needing changed it looks as if the break pad has only wore away on the corners of the pads, and also looks like the pad could be scraping on the disc aswell, should i replace these or will it still be ok to drive around ?
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    Low oil warning, how many litres to top it up ?

    The low oil warning light has came on dashboard and dipstick is at the very lowest mark it could be but i dont want to get it serviced till 1st june once the 12 month service is due and when i will get the mot done same day. Would it be ok to just add 1 litre of castrol edge 5w30 just now to...
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    Is 97 ron from costco worth the extra price ?

    Just seen that costco have 95 ron down to 99p and was just wondering if there is any benefit of going for the 97 ron which is still about 1.14 so still a fair difference the now, usually take the 97 ron from costco for my 1.8 tfsi as its usually same price as the 95 ron from the supermarkets...
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    Is the 1.8 tfsi worth remapping ?

    Im thinking about remapping my 1.8 tfsi manual and just wondering how much of a difference i would notice and what numbers i should be able to achieve from a stage 1 remap as i have never had a remap before but feel like the car could do with a bit more power, ive had a look through the forums...
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    Sold £50 for 2 continental sport contact 5’s

    2 x continental sport contact 5 225 40 18 Good condition still plenty of tread left £30 each or both for £50 Have 2 other continental 6’s for sale aswell and can do a deal all on 4 tyres if interest it would need to be collection from glasgow
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    Sold Continental premium contact 6 2254018 x 2

    2 x continental premium contact 6 Excellent condition only been on over a month, dont have anything to measure the tread but they look brand new still, can do 1 for £50 or both for £90, based in glasgow and can meet around the city
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    Daytona grey respray

    Someone has just went in the back of me and back bumper needs a small dent fixed and a respray, is daytona grey pearl effect easy to match the rest of the paint on my a3 sline and does anyone know any good bodyshops in glasgow and what the cost usually is for a bumper respray ? Thanks
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    Can anyone tell me what this is ?

    I got my waterpump and thermostat changed about 2 weeks ago and have just noticed white marks appearing on the outside of the expansion tank as if something has been dripping on it, can anyone tell me what it is this is a pic of it, also the coolant seems to have dropped a little in the 2 weeks...
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    Why was my old a3 8p more fun than my new a3 8v?

    Having had my 2014 1.8tfsi a3 sline (with sports suspension) for over a month now it is no where near as fun to drive as my older 2011 1.4tfsi a3 sline, with goodyear eagle f1 tyres and the sline suspension it felt glued to the road and could throw it into corners easily yet with my newer a3...
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    1.8tfsi waterpump/thermo cost me £675

    Just bought a 2014 audi a3 sline 1.8tfsi manual last month in a private sale and unfortunatly had a slight coolant leak, had to have the waterpump, thermostat, union and belt done at a cost of £675 at a local garage, does the price sound about right ? The thermostat was around £260 and waterpump...