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  1. Boydie

    Dragy performance box

    Mine is Boydie Be good to get an ASN leader board
  2. Boydie

    Driving Roads in Scotland - Glasgow to Forres

    Just on the boat now about to dock in cairnryan! Looking forward to this!!
  3. Boydie

    Driving Roads in Scotland - Glasgow to Forres

    ScottishS3 is that the A940 to Forres?
  4. Boydie

    Driving Roads in Scotland - Glasgow to Forres

    Is that the road already highlighted to Forres? Ive done that route before a couple of years ago.
  5. Boydie

    Driving Roads in Scotland - Glasgow to Forres

    Any good roads I should check out within that route?
  6. Boydie

    Driving Roads in Scotland - Glasgow to Forres

    I do not venture far from the 8P Chassis section but looking some advice from the main land UK members. Getting the boat from Belfast to Cairnryan on Tuesday. Travelling to Glasgow that night and leaving on Thursday morning to travel up to Forres, Morayshire. I have done this drive before...
  7. Boydie

    What's the time now?

    04.55 Night Shift :(
  8. Boydie

    What's the time now?

    01.37 in work on night shift Second ever night on night shift and getting on ok. On until 07.30 then back in again at 21.00 Finish Friday 03.00 then back in again next week! :(
  9. Boydie

    Cartoon Illustration of my S3

    Guys, Just wanting to share with you a christmas present my gf got me this year. I absolutely love it and had mentioned that I'd like something like this a few months ago of my S3. A friend of her's is an illiustrator and she approached him regarding doing a cartoon of my car to incorporate...
  10. Boydie


    I use a Quiksilver laptop/manbag for work - very handy for carrying documents, diaries and lunch most importantly!!
  11. Boydie

    Gym Memberships?

    £32.50 pcm for DW Fitness (JJB)
  12. Boydie

    Should people be able to create a poll when they want to?

    This thread is not really 8P A3/S3 related and you are perfectly entitled to start a poll when you want but ideally in the appropriate sections like members or general chat
  13. Boydie

    Why "S" ?

    So the S is just a boring "sport"? I was expecting something like shizer or schishokab or the likes :S
  14. Boydie

    Why "S" ?

    Guys, I have always wondered, why do audi use S as their near top range for their cars? What does it mean? Then....what does "RS" stand for? And while we are on the subject....what about "M" and "AMG" ? Ideas? Thanks
  15. Boydie

    Name the one thing you love about your job...

    I am a Plant Engineer in a Maintenance department for an Aerospace company. There is nothing particular that I love about my job. I do like it but far from a dream job! Still learning the ropes every day! Love the freedom I have though and the pay is pretty good! My team is dead on too and...
  16. Boydie

    Odd request for I.D?

    I got ID'd recently going to a club - been going there for years lol at first, I was a bit shocked but then said "ah....makes me feel young again!" The look on the doormans face was priceless! I am 24 btw!
  17. Boydie

    Anyone regret changing their car

    I wreckon I will miss my A3 when the time comes to sell it but haven't regretted selling any previous car before!