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  1. Walter

    direct sunlight ??

    Hello every one. This may be a really thick question, but I was wondering, most products instructions say not to apply in direct sunlight, but what would happen if you did? And would it be a disaster? The reason I ask is because I fancied doing a bit while it’s pleasant outside.
  2. Walter

    Blackfire wet ice over fire

    I think it's tip top, it looks fantastic on my deep sea blue car and is pretty easy to apply. And that tub of wax will probably take about 10 years to use up.
  3. Walter

    BMW 318 interior vs Jimmeh!

    What I find amazing is not only the fantastic results, but how fast they're achieved. No kidding, it would take me all day to getting my interior done, and it wouldn't be half as good.
  4. Walter

    Recommended products/routine for dark metallic/pearlescent Audi's

    I reckon you will need some extra pads. I have this kit and the round yellow pads soon became fully soaked with the Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection, so I got some of these for the Midnight Sun Ivory Carnauba Paste Wax. Blackfire Ultimate LSP Applicator Pad -...
  5. Walter

    New Car Paint Needs To Cure?

    Yeah, it seems daft, but the kid was being serious so I wanted to check before spoiling something that cost a ton of dough.
  6. Walter

    New Car Paint Needs To Cure?

    I heard a thing yesterday, but is true? A mate said that on new cars the paint needs to cure for 6 months or so, and that you should only wash your car but not apply sealant or wax. His theory was that new cars are baked at the factory, but the paint is still curing and getting tougher for up to...