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  1. RudyAmsterdam

    RS3 Buy Advice, engine idle noise (video)

    Hi guys, I sold my 8V S3 and am currently looking for an RS3 8P in The Netherlands. There is one for sale right across the border. It has full Audi service history and maintenance was done according to schedule. The car looks well maintained from the outside judging from pictures and a video...
  2. RudyAmsterdam

    Audi S3 S tronic DSG6 whine noise ?

    Hi everyone, I just bought this Audi S3 but since a couple days I notice a slight wine under low/medium acceleration. Perhaps I am just over cautious because I had some issues with some other DSG boxes in the past. However, I made a video with the sound. It comes on at low rpm's and eventually...
  3. RudyAmsterdam

    Audi S3 8V ABT

    Hi all, I have been lurking around for a while and decided to finally register. Just bought an Audi S3 8V with the ABT power pack so it should have some extra horsepower. Here are some pics. Already bought some peelers for it and it is going for a service soon. Br from Amsterdam :) , Rudy