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  1. A3Tom

    My car must think its Christmas

    Been a bit quiet on here lately for me with one thing and another happening and kind of falling out of love with the A3 a bit!. it's needed a fair bit of work and was starting to become a bit of a pain in the ****... bangs, clunks, slipping clutch... generally a bit ****. Exhaust knocking the...
  2. A3Tom

    Suspension problem

    So my car went for its MOT yesterday, it had been making a clunk over bumps so I thought a bush of some sort. Wishbone bushes were done not long ago, as well as drop links, ARBs and top mounts etc etc. Anyway it passed and the guy said there was a knock but it wasn't the bushes or top mounts...
  3. A3Tom

    Front brake upgrade time!!

    Right after getting the carriers off jojo about 6 months ago I've finally pulled my finger out and fitted S3 discs to my A3. Took about an hour to change the carriers and discs and its all looking good. There's not much room behind the wheels now though... you cant see through it...its...
  4. A3Tom

    Productive day...minor 'niggles' gone :D

    Long time no speak :) Had a few issues that were really starting to **** me off with my car, mainly the brake buld warning light chirping at me randomly. I was forever changing the bulbs, checking the bulb holders etc and they'd be fine for a couple of hours before it started to beep at me...
  5. A3Tom

    Brake Calipers...where did you buy yours..

    Right my brakes are finally getting upgraded at the end of the month as I have the bigger discs and carriers waiting. My front left caliper is...well...buggered so I need to change it. I'll do them in pairs as thats the right thing to do so I was wondering where anyone who's had to get any...
  6. A3Tom

    Upgrading to a KO3S

    Right, after being on the dyno yesterday I've decided I should look into getting my KO3 replaced with a KO3S. I'm aware the KO3S is a straight bolt on fit which is all good, I'll put a 3" downpipe on it to go with the catback system I already have so thats all good. Now what I'm asking I...
  7. A3Tom

    Just checking in...

    ... I've not been on for a while, mainly because my house has been in bits so been concentrating on getting that all decorated etc...yawn!. The cars got a few issues which are going to be put right in a few weeks..mainly 1. Refit standard wheels with 4 x new tyres. The 18's look cool but I'm...
  8. A3Tom brakes are sh*t!! suspension problems!

    Hello! I've got a bit of a problem... When I brake I have loads of judder through the pedal and the brakes dont seem to 'bite' very well. I put new discs on last year and green stuff pads and they were OK but now my brakes are just scarey when coming down from high speed. Feels like it could...
  9. A3Tom


  10. A3Tom

    How hot???!!!

    31 degrees here :hubbahubba: BBQ and beer o'clock :)
  11. A3Tom

    Vauxhall Paint... hard soft?

    Hello, Any experts had an experience of Vauxhall paint?. My GF's booked her Arsetra in with me tomorrow when she's at work for a day of cleaning. Paints generally good on first inspection but I'll see what its really like after a good foam, wash and claying etc. There are a few scratches...
  12. A3Tom

    Bloke question..... shaving!

    No no,not what you think.... I'm not after tips on a back crack and sack or anything like that ;) I have to shave every day for work and currently use cartridge razors and to be honest they're ****. My neck feels like its been ripped apart and the cost of blades is just it was time...
  13. A3Tom

    MOT.....couple of minor issues!

    Well my car had its MOT yesterday and whilst it passed I got a nice little orange sheet with a few issues on.. 1. Offside front Macpherson strut has slight movement at the upper attachment Is this a ball joint or something easy that can be swapped out? 2. Nearside front suspension has slight...
  14. A3Tom

    My carbon wrapping efforts....

    My 3m carbon wrap supplies arrived today so I cracked on this arvo.... B posts done... Grill surround... Dash mid fitting.... ash tray.. Done... :)
  15. A3Tom

    Epic forum fail.....owned!

    its a long one...but what a complete breast Read the first few and skip to post 44....oooof!. T
  16. A3Tom

    GF's a bad way :(

    My other half has a 2001 TT Roadster which to be honest...I think is a bit of a pup..rough around the edges etc. Anyway its been in for a service today and we have had the dreaded phone call with a list of issues.... First one is the big one.... The diff is f*cked...I always knew the car had...
  17. A3Tom

    Purple Princess....your old car..

    Did you sell it to someone in the Kidderminster/Bewdley area by any chance?. Pretty sure it went the other way past us up some random by pass at about lunch time today. Looked to be in good order still anyway :) tom
  18. A3Tom

    Busted DV?..... 225 BAM

    Ok so its not my car but my GFs TT. I was driving it today and when you open it up over 4k revs theres a funny air escaping. Its not the normal sound of boost which it normally has..seems much louder. My first guess is the stock DV has given up the ghost, has anyone experienced a...
  19. A3Tom

    Opinions...wheel colour!

    Right, my RS4s are currently this colour... Taking them to get re-coated tomorrow as 3 of them got do I go grey again (which I do like) or do I go for stealthy black?. Gut feeling is grey again but I thought I'd throw it open to you lot too :) T
  20. A3Tom

    Eurgh....worn out...

    Well todays been busy... Full service on the car, new rear pads, gave everything a good once over in time for its MOT next month so I'm knackered. This is all after working nights last night with no kip between...why did I decide to do that?!. Anyway, good result with all the service parts...