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  1. jassyo06

    For Sale Thinkware Q800 Pro front and rear Dashcams

    Brand new never been used box still has the unbroken seal on it £200
  2. jassyo06

    For Sale Brand new OEM Audi Beam sets

    I have 2 sets of OEM Beam for sale brand new in boxes never used 1 set of "Vorsprung" beams £60 1 set of "Audi Sport" beams £90 These are NOT Chinese junk
  3. jassyo06

    For Sale Audi TT led rear tail lights

    Brand new no scratches or marks on both lights fully functional dynamic turn signals came off my brand new MY 2021 TTS throwing these away at this price just to make space £250
  4. jassyo06

    Exhaust sound of the 8Y S3 when revved at a standstill

    Curious to know what the 8Y S3 sounds like when revved at a standstill....Why may you ask?? well my son has gone back to Audi after 5 years with BMW and as a make shift/temp car they have given him a new TT 240ps S-Tronic sport edition and when revved at a standstill it sounded very good...
  5. jassyo06

    8Y styling exterior design origins

    It's taken almost a year from the onset of early press photos to actually seeing the car on the road to realize well to my eyes where the split opinion has evolved with the new 8y...exterior styling.... to sum up it's just not Audi enough...Driving home tonight...via oncoming traffic may l add...
  6. jassyo06

    Jassy's Blue Audi TTS Adventure

    So after 3 years and 5 months of FAULTLESS ownership it's going tomorrow I cannot for the life of me think of anything that's even slightly disappointed me with the car,beautiful shape/colour/design along the interior design/with options chosen just class it went like **** off a stick on the...
  7. jassyo06

    Best and most unobtrusive/up to date high res dashcam

    Whats the ideal dashcam to buy for my new car including installation anyone know companies that do this been on here more years than l care to remember and never do post help threads but tonight this is my 2nd thread lol
  8. jassyo06

    Can l change tyre profile size...?

    Quick question my wee mums A1 has 225/35/18 fitted to it but needs the 2 front tyres replaced asap l am in the train of thought to change them to 225/40/18 Reasons being The ride quality is intolerable with a 35 profile The price of 225/35/18 are a rip off they are actually the same price as my...
  9. jassyo06

    Replacing Front Seat belts/reels

    Hi does anyone know whats involved in changing over identical seat belts/reels in the front seats Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
  10. jassyo06

    Sold MY 18 67 PLATE S3 Saloon Black Edition 33k miles

    £XXXXXXX in immaculate condition full of optional extras pano - roof,folding mirrors,rear camera,Audi exclusive paint Voodoo Blue,Technology pack,Matrix Headlights,Audi Red interior design pack,Super Sport Seats,full Audi service history last serviced at 31500 miles etc etc
  11. jassyo06

    Voodoo frickin Blue

    My detailing for today only way l can post photos on here via my phone is on tapatalk Sent from my SM-A705FN using Tapatalk
  12. jassyo06

    Detailing Mojo....

    As the Celine Dion song goes ....lts all coming back to me day up here today, car is filthy interior glass is filthy.....steering wheel has a touch of sheen to it......was ****** annoyed big all fixed soon.....cant wait...Plans are to replace the 2 rear tyres for...
  13. jassyo06

    Fuel Flap release not opening

    Over the last week or so l have been struggling to release the fuel Flap to gain access to refuel, twice its frozen over had thaw it out, other times lve had depress the flap several times for it to open, now the flap won't open at all even when l use the red plastic cord to release it...
  14. jassyo06

    How many miles to expect from P zeros

    My car has done 10,600 miles, and it's never been driven hard and the tyres at the front have around 3mm of tread left the rears have 4 mm, so l feel as if they need changed very soon
  15. jassyo06

    Autoglym Polar Blast Snow Foam

    l rarely ever start a thread on this forum...never get the urge to but Autoglym's new Snow Foam Polar Blast has really really angered me. Avoid Avoid its dreadful stuff for the reasons l will state 1.Terrible cleaning made no difference at to 2 the cars l applied to doesnt fall...
  16. jassyo06

    Paint coming off the engine cover

    Hi just a quick question has anyone else had the silver paint come off the engine cover,, l opened the bonnet at the weekend to fill up the washer bottle and notice some the silver paint was missing,, actually some of it came off on my finger during inspection of it, warranty covered or not cars...
  17. jassyo06

    Fireball Fusion Wax

    As regulars know l got this wax the other day.....short term application review...ATM.... 1.The wax is luxuriously packaged ....Box,sack,jar all special...price was £80 after's £88...for 100g normally smells really nice....sweet smelling... reminds of a perfume that a...
  18. jassyo06

    Your Top 5 Detailing Products/Tools

    As above Mine's so far are 1. The Das 6 Pro Plus 15mm throw's a bit noisey but a great polisher 2. Scholl Concepts S20 Black...A real one step Compound..........used it on 4 does what it says 3. Scholl Conceppts S40 Anti Swirl Compound.....polish your car with this and...
  19. jassyo06

    Matrix Dance of lights

    Just noticed how the matrix lights dance/switch on and off in order via the headlight switch seen the reflection on a fuel filling station glass door, also been flashed several times tonight whilst the matrix where in operation.....A Random unproblematic thread for a change...... On here.... Lol
  20. jassyo06

    My mind is made up.....No more wax......

    l really cant be ***** applying a wax these days....too much like hard work,for example i again machine polished the bonnet,then machine polished the rear bumper today,l then applied the AUHD wax to both the wax seemed to dull the freshly polished surface after l buffed it off,besides that what...