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    Caught speeding!

    I agree with Rich, not much else you can do really. If you're lucky they'll run out of time to take you to court, like they did with me :) Kev.
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    Nurburgring Oct 7th - 10th

    I'm in (as already mentioned). Planning for next year gives us plently of time to organise dates, but please be under no illusion of commitment required. We need 12 to make this a success, we can't have people dropping out at the last minute. It'll be a great few days away :D Kev.
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    Genuine audi alloys

    Phantom, I have 2 sets of 16" alloys from a 1.8T B5, both sets need a refurb though. I'm not able to get on here much at the moment (no broadband at home) drop me a PM if you're interested. Kev.
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    More pics from Samphire Hoe

    Just along the coast from me! Next time send a text over and I'll meet you for a beer! Kev.
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    2006 'ring dates

    I'd need to get the map out to find the name of the corner, but after going over the bridge in Adenau there is a right hander, slightly futher on ther is another right hander which starts the climb up the long hill. We were following a golf which indicated right just before the corner, we went...
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    2006 'ring dates

    PM sent... I'm not sure if that's Eric's car - It appears to be facing the right way Never told you we had a second off did we ops: Kev.
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    Double Glazing question?

    And make sure that they issue you with a FENSA certificate once the job is done... It'll save problems when you come to sell. Kev.
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    2006 'ring dates

    Yep, back now too, nice to meet up with you Paul and thank you for the passenger laps Eric has sent the photographs over to me so I'll do some cleaning up and then post a write up in the chat section. Shame you could not have stayed for Saturday as the morning was lovely and dry. I'm glad it...
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    2006 'ring dates

    Eric and I will be there on the Friday and Saturday, you've got my mobile No. give me a call. You should be able to spot us easily in the Imola S3 with the private plate! Kev.
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    2006 'ring dates

    In which case Eric and I will see you there mate Kev.
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    Audi iPod Adapter

    I've not come across this problem Jeff, but then again I use the Sony adapter. I create the lists in iTunes and auto sync or create them on the move on the iPod itself. When I plug the iPod back into the car it recognises all the playlists fine. Let us know if you manage to solve it. Kev.
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    pda sat nav

    I use used total PDA for a custom mount (worth the money over a universal IMO), and I sourced a brodit clip for the car to save drilling any holes or having a huge mass stuck to the windscreen. I'm sure there is some pics in the B5 section... Kev. Here is the thread, some good pics and info.
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    I hope you like it Jeff! Kev.
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    University Dissertation handed in. So I'm now back LOL

    It's a nice feeling to get that final copy binded and submitted. I know what you mean about the long hours, but it's all worth it in the long run. Then you can look back and be pleased that you never have to do it again! Kev.
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    hey all, new to site, pics of my a4.

    Those 'wrap-around' rear indicator and reversing lights freshen up the rear end a bit, that's the second time I've seen them now. Oh, and welcome! Kev.
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    Upgrading to B6 (hopefully)

    Looks very nice Jeff, you must be looking forward to picking it up! What did you get for your car? Did the p/x it or private sale? Kev.
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    A4/S4 FAQ - Look here first before posting questions

    Thanks Yaseen, I'll see what I can dig out. SHame we lost so much with the site crash. Kev.
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    Gallery problem

    The gallery is not accepting uploads at this time I'm afraid. Lovely car though Kev.
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    0 - 100 time, standard 1.8T

    Anyone know? Cheers, Kev.
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    Hello! Kev.