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    Wait for build week

    I ordered an s3 saloon with a leasing company in late May. I got a provisional delivery date of mid to late august which I though sounded fair enough. I've just had an email from the lease company to say that they're still waiting for a build week allocation. Does this seem like an excessively...
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    Ordered an S3 - some random questions

    I've ordered a new S3! Few things I've noticed when I've been looking through other pics.. 1. I didn't go for LED lights - do the Xenons still have the same daytime running lights? (Those thin lines at the top of the unit) 2. It's mad how much better US cars with no front plate looks. Looks a...
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    What are my music source options?

    Just speccing my new s3. I'm definitely going with B&O but other than music, I don't really have much need for the tech pack or anything like that (at least I don't think so). So with just the B&O (multimedia wise) - what are my actual audio sources I can use? Obviously Radio/CD player. I'm...
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    Really want an RS3 or do I??

    I drove a mates TTRS Plus the other week and it has to be one of the best cars I've ever driven. I loved how it was to drive and although it looks good from the front, I just couldn't bring myself to buy one as it just looks too ostentatious for my taste. I started looking into an RS3 instead...
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    Clutch Issue

    Hi all, Over the last year or so the biting point of the clutch on my audi s3 has been getting lower and lower to the point it is now pretty much 1mm from the floor and I am struggling to put it in gear. The strange part is that after I drive the car for half an hour, the clutch bite seems to...