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    0 - 100 time, standard 1.8T

    Anyone know? Cheers, Kev.
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    PSP - Good deal

    Play are offering the PSP with giga pack and 3 games for £220 delivered. Kev.
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    Anyone on here got a Nokia N70?

    If so, what do you think of it? I've been offered one but have not had a chance to get in the shops yet and get my mits on one. Kev.
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    Now this looks like it could be a laugh...

    Taken from the post below, but as few users frequent that section I thought I'd post here... Misc Audi Forum I like the idea of this: Scally Rally I'm even tempted to think about putting a team together! Kev.
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    New Tyres

    I'm after four new tyres, I generally just use a local place but thought I'd search the web for prices first. Looking for 205 55 16s and I found some Eagle F1s for £63.70 inc. VAT & P&P each here. Which looks like a good price. What should I expect to pay for fitting, valve and...
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    Finally put my AS-Net sticker in today!

    I've had some stickers for ages but only got round to putting one in today. These Die Cut stickers look great but are a total b*stard to put in as all the letters are idividual. It was even more difficult as I wanted it as close to the rear brake light as possible which gave me very little...
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    New Diesel Astra from 888

    Got sent this link in the AutoExpress weekly news letter. Ok, so it's still an Astra, but 200hp and "in excess of" 400N for less than £18K is pretty good! Kev.
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    A4/S4 FAQ - Look here first before posting questions

    UNDER DEVELOPMENT Right, I have been meaning to do this for a while now but time is against me at the moment. It would make things alot easier for me (and more comprehensive for everyone) if you could all help out please? If those of you that have been around for sometime (and new people that...
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    PS3 Details

    Taken from here. [ QUOTE ] Firstly however, the box. The stylish PlayStation 3 casing design that SCEI boss Ken Kutaragi revealed last year is, and always has been, empty - and no signs of a final, tangible casing solution appear to be in sight. "I think to fit everything that Sony wants in...
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    Trackday, Llandow, South Wales, 17th June

    I thought I'd post details incase any of you would like to join us. Mainly Fords but it's a very friendly and good day. I went last year and got an on the day booking for £25 for a full PM on the track! I realise this clashes with GTI international, but just incase you're interested let me...
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    Tog Gear Special Tonight

    If anyone's interested... BBC 2 - 21.10 [ QUOTE ] Presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May head for Norway to find out how a selection of cars fare when taking part in Winter Olympic events. Their experiments include firing a rocket-powered Mini off a ski jump, tackling the...
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    Audi Bluetooth, Ipaq & TomTom 5

    Before I start trawling the internet I wonder if any of you have experienced and sloved this problem? A colleague of mine has a B7 A4 and has a IPaq 6300 which he used as a PDA and a phone. When he got the PDA he linked it to the Audi Bluetooth phone prep and they all talked together nicely...
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    GR3 : xBox 360

    This is the game I'm really waiting for! Vid here. It looks very impressive - HD here I come! Kev.
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    Moto GP 2006 - New Screen Shots

    Pics Some amazing looking shots there - I can't wait to get a HD TV. Kev.
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    CD changer cable

    A friend of mine is looking at installing a Phatbox into his B7 - can anyone tell me if the car is prewired with a CD changer cable? Cheers, Kev.
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    Sqeaking drivers door and clicking seat rails

    Two niggly faults - the drivers door being the worst, I have to wait for people to pass me in the car park before opening up the door of the Audi - CREEEEEAAAAAK! The squeak/creak appears to be coming from the top hinge, only in cold weather - is it just a WD40 job or should it be lubricated in...
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    Britishness test

    I thought this rather strange when I heard it on the news today. How well would you do? Test Kev.
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    Side lights come on when brake pedal is pressed

    Not a problem on my Audi but my fathers FourTrack 2.8TDS. The problem: When you hit the brake pedal the side lights come on, the 2 in the front bumper, the 2 small lights in the head lamps and the lights over the rear number plate. Could this be an earth fault or is it more likely to be a...
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    Brake pad warning

    I've had the symbol come on today and just wondered how much life the pads are likely to have in them. I know it depends on how you drive, but are we talking replacement this week, month, next month? Kev.
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    High speed photography

    Some quite cool vids here. Now I know why I bruise so much when paintballing. Kev.