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    A3 3.2Q vs TTmk2 3.2Q

    have had the new TT for a few days now and thought i'd post a few of my thoughts and comparisons with my outgoing (written off A3) here goes: 04 plate A3 3.2Q DSG sport with rns-e/tv function, bose, 6cd vs 56 plate TT 3.2Q STRONIC with cd sat nav, bluetooth phone prep, heated seats, cruise...
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    leaving the A3

    after my A3.2Q got written off i thought long and hard about 3 audi's - the s3, the a5 and the tt. just put a deposit on this and pick it up thurs: its the 3.2 (still love that engine) dsg (sorry - s tronic) with some goodies too...
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    2.0 tfsi remap ?

    hi all, as some of you remember my A3 3.2 got a whack in the back from a truck and is now destined for the scrap heap :-( thinking about getting a 2.0tfsi TT (supposed to be more agile than the 3.2) and just wondering if any of you who've had it chipped on a non quattro version have had...
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    3.2 ouch

    gutted and very sore - but ok and alive! stopped at traffic lights and the huge truck behind me didnt. massive wack! my 3.2 was a great car loved it to bits and now its in bits :o( could now get an s3 though - or maybe s5 mmmmmmm...
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    S3 vs S4

    Well, like a lot of 8p owners who have been waiting for the new S3 i am now in a pickle. after having a 3.2Q dsg with sat nav plus, tv and other extras for two years i face the prospect of parting company with A LOT OF CASH to get the new S3 similarly specced to mine - and the prospect of losing...
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    test drive unlimited

    just got test drive unlimited for the xbox 360 and after a quick tutorial nipped into the nearest audi dealer and bought my exact spec A3, same colour interior and everythin (3.2Q dsg) it even has sat nav plus - and the rendering of the interior is pretty damn close, even the engine note is...
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    04 plate nose nob

    finally got it done - 04 plate 3,2Q with hoefle rs4 single frame grille. looks better in the flesh than the photo:
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    new wheels help

    due to my badly scuffed and kerbed rs6 replicas, i'm getting some new wheels and have narrowed it dow to these two: rs4 or nuvolari reps - whadya all reckon?
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    new tt mmmmm......
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    grill upgrade?

    found this 'upgrade kit' for pre - SFG A3's weird eh?! 3.2Q DSG RNSe TV
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    new audi?

    seems to be quite an exciting time for us audi fans - with the new TT, S3 and shooting brake all maybe landing before the end of the year. Is anyone thinking of taking the plunge on one of them - I know I am! I was thinking about an S4 ex demo but the shooting brake is definately growing on...
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    dsg vs tip vs multi

    I know i'm taking my life into my own hands starting another dsg thread but how about this one: i've had my 3.2Q dsg for a year now and love it to pieces. however i am looking for a change but heres the problem, dsg has ruined me - i can't see myself using a manual ever again. so this limits my...
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    3.2dsg first service

    i know this has been covered for the tdi-ers out there, but mine is due now and just wondered what I am in for, and what the drill is regarding written quotes etc.
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    ahhhhhh, quattro.

    i've had my 3.2Q for a year now and can say i've aways wondered how good the quattro system is, because its kind of like a silent partner. last night when arriving home to find my whole street completely frozen solid, there was 40k's worth of mercedes in front of me trying without fail to get up...
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    new ipod and rns-e

    just a thought for all us sat nav plus-ers out there, wonder if we will be able to hook up the new ipod and play music videos/video podcasts/tv/film direct to the nav screen? could be interesting!!!
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    sfg 2

    hi everyone, don't really want to open up the 'old grille/new grille' debate again - but for anyone who's mind it crossed, here is an official response from audi: Thank you for your e-mail dated 13 September 2005, regarding the front > grill on your Audi A3. > > I have spoken to our parts...
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    3.2Q dsg 6 month review

    How fast the last 6 months have gone! hope some of you find this 6 month review helpful! Engine: still awesome. yes the power is anaesthetized but once you get used to it, its great. the sound is just a little too 'throaty' for me but thats a minor gripe and may be specific to my car. fuel...
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    Anyone know if the new a3 with sfg is on the streets yet? only I saw a red one last week - just wondering if someone had 'updated' their A3 (if possible) or if it was a brand newwy.
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    3.2 Q brake life

    got 12k on the clock now and my brakes dont seem to have that same stopping power as they once did - have i just got used to it - or perish the thought i need new pads. has anyone got any thoughts on brake life??!
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    sat nav plus mp3 player

    definately no limit on the sd cards - just got a 2gb card for £80 off ebay and it works a treat!