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    Kenwood plug to Audi A2 (2004)

    Most H/U now have an ISO connection its a standard format connection and plugs into pretty much everything. You will need the keys to remove your old unit (Audi Halfords etc) and you will see what i mean, it should just plug in.
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    a2 rear ciol springs

    Its not hard Remove the wheel (use axle stands) Pop the retaining clips on the inner arch lining Undo the top 2 bolts and bolt one on the axle and remove Undo the top bolt with a 23mm spanner (i think) and a small spanner to hold and support the piston from moving. Make sure you use...
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    Hi I got this can to try from a Wynns rep, (but I’m not on here to sell). Never heard of it myself and thought it couldn’t do any harm. Our Audi TDI with VNT turbo 80,000 miles, normal use like everyone else. (not thrashed) In the 80,000 miles a few little things have happened to our...
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    A2 power increase methods

    Hi Interesting question It would cost £1000's to do it, you could attempt a 1.4 Tfsi installed again costing thousands. I Just had a rebore, skimmed head, Skimmed block, polished crank, oversized pistons, rings, new valves and guides all on my Mk1 Golf and it cost close to a £1000. Lighten...
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    audi a2 1.4tdi problem

    Sorry can't help, if you had a light on the dash, doesn't that suggest what it is, along with your code? I don't have VAG com, but ask in the technical section perhaps someone can
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    An MOT and a Few Changes

    yeah very easy, once the tray is off You need a drain plug socket thing 17mm i think, and a funnel and a bit of hose The rest is just a 15mm socket and 17mm socket The dog bone mount underneath has a plate at the back of the gearbox (visible underneath) and this is covering the drain plug...
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    Windscreen wipers wont stop

    Cool, let us know how you get on
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    A2 big thud after pot hole

    Glad you got it sorted! Never thought about the ARB even though every A2 owner knows of the problems, And its not just the A2 i think the TT also suffers...
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    An MOT and a Few Changes

    Booked the car in for another MOT and it past without any advisories. I fitted the Poly ARB bushes several years ago and its still not causing problems, so it’s a cheap upgrade for the long term. I “Ringed” my car last year and am going in June again, so a few serviceable parts needed...
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    Windscreen wipers wont stop

    Does it have a relay? or does it work straight off the switch?
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    Loud noise when starting my a2

    When you say really bad noise, can you explain further? Metal tapping, squel noise, in a petrol or diesel?
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    open sky problem

    The rear wheel arches have an inner lining and when this is removed it exposes more bolts that secure the bumper, arches and other bits (if i remember correctly)
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    A2 diesel or Petrol

    Yeah forgot that, it is a bargain!
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    A2 diesel or Petrol

    Hi Both will be perfectly good for general use, neither suffer from problems in excess from model to model. I will give you an unbiased opinion, and I will just put it in bullet points so its easier than me rambling on. 1: Petrol will be smooth on idle and feel more refined, but lack a...
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    Bulb Replacement

    The light cover is held on by a metal clip, suction and a locating slot. Remove the metal clip and slightly lift the inner edge ( part closest to the middle of car) then slid/pull the cover to the middle of the car. It is a tight fit but it will come off. Getting it back on is far harder...
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    A2 Stereo Replacement

    Hi Yeah its just called a Concert not the concert 2. also print the pic from the other thread to confirm you get the right one Hope it helps!!
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    open sky problem

    Hi Water under seats or in the boot can come from many places (unless you have already isolated the problem) rear window, rear light cluster, boot seal. I had a look at the photo's for the open sky roof system and i couldn't see any drainage holes, (not that they aren't there) just that the...
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    A2 Stereo Replacement

    No Prob I will have a look at the stereo book but TBH i think its just called a concert, or concert2 i will check tonight and let you know
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    A2 Stereo Replacement

    This is the correct cd player for you car
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    A2 Suspension upgrades

    As has been mentioned the FKdidn’t fit but this could be because they sent the wrong shocks in the kit or something else the correct rear shock number is 80-2761 SP1. I know that after fitting the kit, the quality of the product wasn’t good but with SS and Koni internals it should have been a...