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    Chris Knott - more than just car insurance

    Hi, You'll know us mainly for our special car insurance facility that favours club members and enthusiasts. However, there are a range of other potential money-saving products available to you through our relationship with this forum too... CAR INSURANCE...
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    AUDI-SPORT INSURANCE scheme with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2274

    Hi, just to let you know we'll be closed on Monday for the August Bank Holiday. If you need us before then we're open today til 5pm and tomorrow from 9am til noon. QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 CUSTOMER SERVICES FOR EXISTING POLICIES: 0800 999 8047 CLAIMSLINE: 0345 618 8316 Alternatively, if...
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    Chris Knott Reviews

    Hi, if you'd like the reassurance of reading some reviews before trying Chris Knott for a car insurance quote, here's a selection from some of our car club forums and the Trustpilot review site... "I saved £40 on my renewal and the process was nice and easy, highly recommended."...
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    Clean up with Chris Knott this Summer

    Clean up with Chris Knott this Summer Get a car insurance quote from Chris Knott in July or August* and you could WIN a Karcher K2 Car Power Washer in our Summer prize draw. Enjoy our person-to-person service AND competitive prices when you ask us to quote for your car. We're mod-friendly too...
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    Improvements to help more of you save money

    Improvements to help more members save money So, Chris Knotts haven't been standing still these last few months. In fact, we've expanded our panel of insurers - meaning we can now quote for more members. Along with some postcode and no claims bonus relaxations, there's now an even longer list...
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    Car Insurance - no gimmicks

    Hi, No gimmicks or competitions this month, as we don't want you to lose sight of the real reason you should try us for your car insurance... If you like a person-to-person service that also offers competitive quotes for car club members and enthusiasts, you should be talking to us. You can...
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    One week, two things...

    Hi, As the month draws to its close there are two things you can do to bag yourself a little something extra from club sponsor Chris Knott. #1 Get a car insurance quote before noon on 29/5 (our last working day before June) and you could WIN a £100 TUI Travel Voucher...
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    WIN a TUI Travel Voucher with Chris Knott this month

    WIN a TUI Travel Voucher with Chris Knott this month Looking forward to getting away this Summer? Get a car insurance quote and you could be on your holidays in no time with our May prize draw. You'll be doing the best for your car at the same time when you try club partner and enthusiast's...
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    The 21 day insurance myth

    The 21 day insurance myth Hi, There's a partial myth going round that the best time to buy your car insurance is 21 days before expiry. I say partial because while it may be true with some of the comparison sites (who'll likely increase your quote if you buy close to expiry), there are some...
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    Virtual Show and Shine 2021 - with prizes

    Hi, Chris Knott's Virtual Show & Shine 2021 is now open for entries from this forum's members. We're all missing the local car shows and club events that usually start around this time of year, so why not take part in our online Car Show this April/May instead. It's really easy to join in and...
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    Car Insurance due? Try sponsor Chris Knott

    Yes of course, happy to.
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    Car Insurance due? Try sponsor Chris Knott

    Congratulations to our newest colleague Jack, who just yesterday passed his CII IF1 exam (yes, on a Sunday - that's dedication) - well done Jack! This Chris Knott/Alien Magic promotion ^ is still running. Please get a quote from one of our qualified insurance professionals if your car insurance...
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    Car Insurance due? Try sponsor Chris Knott

    CAR INSURANCE DUE SOON? Include the Chris Knott team when getting your quotes. Our quote technicians are all qualified insurance professionals in their own right, not scripted call centre workers, and they're not on commission. CK's incentive is to find you the best car insurance deal. Give us a...
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    Members save 30% on car insurance with Chris Knott

    You can also request a quote by completing brief details at: If you like, you can use the same link to tell us about a renewal date that's later in the year (we only need the month) so you don't have to remember to call us - we'll call you at the...
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    Members save 30% on car insurance with Chris Knott's members save over 30% on average against their car insurance renewal by switching to Chris Knott. Get a Chris Knott quote this month and you'll gain entry in our prize draw too. QUOTELINE: 0800...
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    AUDI-SPORT INSURANCE scheme with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2274

    Get a quote and you could WIN a Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam PLUS Sandisk 128Gb microSD Card with Chris Knott Happy New Year! I'm Nick and I represent car club specialist broker Chris Knott Insurance on this forum. I'm here to help with any car insurance questions and to offer members competitive...
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    Dechrome - Car Insurance

    You'd deal with our claims service and they'd deal with the insurer. We're then also available in the background if you need us to step in at all. If you'd gone direct to an insurer when you bought the policy then you'd have no support - it'd be just you and them.
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    Dechrome - Car Insurance

    I've just checked with the team to see if we have anyone else available but that's it. If it offers any more reassurance, we have strong relationships with the leadership team at Highway/LV= at the highest level.
  19. ChrisKnottIns

    Dechrome - Car Insurance

    Hi, we've been using Highway and LV= for many, many years and have always found them to be fair and honourable. Remember that people are often quick to leave negative feedback and you rarely get to hear about the outweighing positive experiences. As your broker you've got the backup that we're...
  20. ChrisKnottIns

    Dechrome - Car Insurance

    Yeah, it's not about being bothered - it's about whether the end insurer is prepared to take on the risk presented. Most, if not all, of the specialists are brokers so don't have any control over what's acceptable to the insurer and what isn't. Glad you found cover elsewhere though for your needs.