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  1. DommyR

    Sold S3 Saloon Black Edition - 17 Plate - Ara Blue

    Looking to sell my beloved S3. Thought id advertise it here first. Audi S3 Saloon Black edition. Ive owned it since new and been my pride and joy. Spec: Ara Blue Tech pack high Comfort and sound package Digital Cockpit Red brake callipers Extended stitching on doors (unsure on audi name for...
  2. DommyR

    Possible Eagle F1 as3 fitment issue?

    hi all As per the title just had new Goodyear eagle F1 assymetric 3 tires fitted all round on my s3. On this forums recommendation. I do have a query though, The front tires have a pronounced rim protector, but strangely the rears don't. Have they been fitted incorrectly? Images attached.
  3. DommyR

    S3 and speedbumps? Weird traction control intervention.

    Hello All. Had my S3 for nearly a year now and I must say I'm thrilled with it, perfect all round hatch back (for me). Although I just have a weird query with it, this may not be directly S3 related if not Haldex related. When I drive over a speed bump and put my foot down (slightly harder...
  4. DommyR

    RS3 Without styling pack

    Hi All. Every time I see an RS3 I'm pining for one so I'm sure that will be my next car. Just one thing, I cant recall seeing a photo of one without an optional styling packing (gloss black or alu). I really quite like the idea of the black grill but with the chrome surround without the ugly...
  5. DommyR

    RS3 as a daily driver.... (and insurance for a 21 year old)

    As per the title is anyone buying an RS3 to be their daily car? I currently have an S3 which I use to drive to work and the gym everyday (only 10 miles) and that is absolutely brilliant. But then I took an RS3 our for a drive yesterday and absolutely loved it, of course its similar to the S3...
  6. DommyR

    Best stone chip repair for sepang blue

    hello all after my ******* mate overtook me on a slip road yesterday and pebbledashed the front of my S3 with a couple of small stone chips only 3-4mm long. One has gone through the clear coat and paint but not through to bare metal. So not terrible. What is the best/best recommended stone...
  7. DommyR

    Decent seat covers

    Hello. Most evenings I go up the local gym for a quick workout. So I get a bit sweaty :tongue new::tongue new: Is there any decent seat cover about that will stop my ruining my seat? (S3). Or will my sweaty back affect my seat, I do routine maintenance on interior. Thanks.
  8. DommyR

    A rotten old bit of luck.

    Driving to work yesterday morning and heard a small bang. A stone had flicked up and hit my screen causing a small chip, no problem as it was probably the same size as a 5 pence piece. So I call auto glass and get an appointment at a local branch (as there was no call out guys available today)...
  9. DommyR

    S3, Black Exhaust Tips??

    Hi All. I collected my S3 on saturday and I'm blown away by it. Its superb! One thing though, as I have the black styling pack (with sepang), to keep in with the blackness of the whole thing, does anyone know of anybody that does black exhaust tips for the S3? Done a fair bit of browsing on...
  10. DommyR

    S3 as a daily driver...

    Hello All. I pick my S3 up on a week saturday, unfortunately couldn't manage march the 1st due to work and studying commitments. After nearly 3 months has flown by I cant believe that collecting my new car is imminent. (I can still remember the day I saw a new 8p S3 which planted the seed for...
  11. DommyR

    19" Rims now on configurator for S3 Hatch

    Hi All! Just having a gander on the audi configurator and it now shows that the S3 hatch is now available with 19" rims, In conjunction with magnetic ride. Is this new or have I not had my finger on the pulse? Cheers Dom
  12. DommyR

    The long wait begins!

    Hello Guys and girls Just got home from my local audi dealer after placing an order on an S3, specs being; 3dr manual sepang blue black styling package comfort pack sd card sat nav audi soud system. due march. Luckily they managed to use a quote I had done a week ago as Audi reduced the...
  13. DommyR

    How to protect the paint of a brand new car? (S3)

    Hi All. Posted a couple of times in the last couple of days that I'm pretty damn decided that I'm going to order an S3. (sepang blue). The dealer has offered (£400) the autoglym lifeshine which Im a bit dubious about as I heard some stories about how its applied and that it doesn't last as...
  14. DommyR

    Ordering an S3

    Hello guys, I'm new to forum. I've owned a 60 reg 1.6 technik a3 since January but now I've got the audi bug I need an S3. I've had the quotes from my local dealership which are good. I just need help with a few of the details. Here are the specs Im Going for; S3 manual 3 dr Sepang blue Black...
  15. DommyR

    Hello all, A3 owner wanting an S3

    Hello guys My name is Dominic, I'm from cambs, UK. In January I bought a 60 reg A3 1.6 3dr Technik in black. It's an absolutely fantastic car, although now I'm on the Audi bandwagon I'm now after something with a bit more power. Firstly I looked at the 1.8t s line A3 but for a couple of grand...