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  1. J

    New rimmage

    After running black/dark wheels for the last 18 months I decided a change was in order So fitted this lot Then these 19" BBS CK's, I like them alot:icon_thumright:
  2. J

    19" MTM Bimoto feeler

    There is every chance my 19" MTM Bimoto's will be for sale in the next couple of weeks. They are in mint condition custom finished in anthracite with a slight metallic content. The sizes are 19"X8.5" ET 50 PCD 5x112. They are fitted with 235/35/19 Goodyear Assymetrics although 2 of them are...
  3. J

    Dyno Dynamics RR results

    Went on a RR day with a few of the mk5 GTI boys yesterday at The Racing Line in Halifax, I say a few but there was about 20 of us. The rollers there are dyno dynamics which are recognised as one of the more accurate/consistent rollers so I was pleasantly suprised by the results. The car is now...
  4. J

    ITG intake

    After an e-mail to Andy at ITG inquiring when the S3 version will be available he mentioned he needed another car to do the final pre-production fit of the kit and finalise the filter size, so off we went to Coventry on Saturday morning, which turned into a forum mini-meet as SteveP was going to...
  5. J

    Ipod in armrest

    evenin fellas a pal of mine is fitting an I-pod in the armrest of his 02 S3, whats the best way of gettin a cable in to the armrest compartment? cheers Gaz
  6. J

    19" MTM's and H&R springs

    Had a go at fitting some H&R springs to complement the MTM's, what do you think Thanx for looking
  7. J

    A3 starting issues

    Hello fellas, Visiting from the 8P section, my other half has a 2002 A3 1.8 and its doin some odd things. We have for some time had an issue with the fuel gauge and temp gauge which I know is a fairly common dashboard issue but just recently when you turn the ignition on to the first click all...
  8. J

    Window auto-close

    My window auto-close/open has stopped working all of a sudden, anybody any ideas how to fix it? Its an 08 plate S3:sm4:
  9. J

    Feedback through bluetooth

    Recently got a Blackberry storm phone thing and when I connected it up to the bluetooth in my 8P S3 I'm gettin feedback as a call connects, once the call is connected it clears, any ideas anybody?
  10. J

    fog lamp grill removal

    could anybody give me a nod in the right direction for getting the fog lamp grills off, I'm doin lamin-x and want do a proper job and have also noticed the passenger side grill has taken a heavy hit and is b@lloxed so needs a new one, cheers
  11. J

    Team dynamics pro race 1.2

    One of my pals has a set for sale, they would look great on a 8P A/S3, really lightweight wheel, 18x8 ET45, will fill the arches lovely, I would buy them myself but my tax bill just came:sadlike: will put them in classified 2
  12. J

    Retro fitting folding mirrors

    Does anybody know if its feasable to retro-fit the electric folding mirrors, mine doesn't have them but I'm putting the car in the garage at night with all this latest stuff goin on, but its a tight squeeze so before I clip a mirror I thought I'd ask, anybody? cheers
  13. J

    tyre pressure on 19's

    what tyre pressures are people running on 19's on an S3, I know the std settings for the 18's are a bit strange with the fronts being much higher than the rears, but what about with 19's?
  14. J

    Cheap H&R wheel spacers

    check the wheels and tyres classifieds for some cheap nearly new 10mm H&R spacers for your A3/S3 cheers fellas :yes: Gaz
  15. J

    New Prosport Rolling Road Day 25th October

    Hello people, I'm organising a rolling road day at Prosport Stockport, a place I know a few of you are familiar with, with a few pals from It will be on Saturday 25th October, price is 40 quid a car, but a fiver of this will go to a charity of our choice. You'll get up to 6 runs...
  16. J

    A4 Headlight problem

    Hello fellas, just visiting from the S3 section. My pal has a 53 plate 2.5tdi A4 and he's got an issue with the headlights. The dipped beam has stopped working on both side while the main beam and side lights are fine. He has checked the fuses which are fine and it seams strange for both dip...
  17. J

    Milltek and exhaust flap actuator

    Sorry if I'm asking a repeat question, but I'm pretty new here. Having a Milltek TBE fitted at the minute, just wondered what everyone has done with the pipe and actuator for the exhaust flappy thing when fitting an after market exhaust without the flap, cheers
  18. J

    REVO Saturday as well

    Looks like I'll be joining Phantom on Saturday for the REVO treatment at Prosport, spoke to Peter today and was impressed with what he had to say. So I'll be following once Phantoms is done, can't wait, I've had my last 3 cars mapped, 8L S3,mk5 GTi and Ed30 GTi so I'm ready for the difference it...
  19. J

    Big thanx to Damian @ DPM

    Just a big thanx and recommendation to Damian and DPM, rang him on Monday to order 10mm wheel spacers for the S3 I haven't even got yet, he said they would probably be about a week comin direct from H & R, which I was happy with as had been quoted 2 weeks from other places, ordered at dinner...
  20. J

    functions for mfsw

    I'm pickin up my new S3 in the mornin, it comes with the FBMFSW, what functions can be carried out from the steering wheel? cheers