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    Hitlers take on FOTA and the F1 Series
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    Forklift Fail
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    M3 GTR on The Ring

    Full Commentary by Hans of his Ring lap.
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    M3 GTR on The Ring

    Hard to say. I don't know the speed of a race GTR to start with, 130- 170mph? And then the downforce and gearing would play a big part. I suppose the lowish speed is because road car engines have overtaken race FIA engines. So a BTCC or WTCC car may not be as high as a Porsche GT2 or GT3 RS road...
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    M3 GTR on The Ring

    Hans-Joachim Stuck
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    Battle at Kruger

    Amazing footage, I have never seen anything like it and from the sound of the african guy (possibly tourist host/ game keeper) neither had he!! Thanks :salute:
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    Cash In My Pocket

    Sorry if you work the City, but this is a well choreographed vid. Put together in one take, from what I can tell...
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    think he deserved it

    Yeah thats gotta hurt:yes:
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    Alternative Celebrity Big Brother?

    With the thought of a Celebrity Big Brother starting soon,:blink: and watching dull celebs starting back on the road to low life status on mid day chat shows. Armando Iannucci had a much better alternative that would be very funny if applied to the Big Brother House now...
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    Extrema 2 & Random Clips

    Extrema 2 This guys has some serious skill A Couple of low flying Alfa and Harrier Jets. The british soldier says " I'm not gonna flinch, I'm not even gonna look" I think you will find he does, although his mate doesn't help. (turn the sound up)...
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    COD4 Too Much Time & Too Much Talent

    If you haven't played COD4 this will mean nothing to you (probably) but its still impressive Battlefield Does Top Gear
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    It's Better than 23hr In Your Cell

    I did a search and couldn't find this so I thought I would post, its an old one but they are the best sometimes:thumbsup: Phillipino Inmates dancing to "Thriller"
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    BMX Flat land

    I do to, thats not to say that ramp work and a 360 tail whip is easy but the balance needed for the flat land work is awsome. Although Dave Mirra is something else:faint:
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    BMX Flat land

    Your right, good bit of nostalgic music that works well
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    Proper funny prank

    WTF!!!!!!!! I opened this at work, some warning would have been nice:blink:
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    BMX Flat land

    Phil Dolan is getting on a bit now, but so am I, Nice track playing and amazing bike control, and a UK rider!! More tight flatland work Yes I have been bored at work today
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    Stuart Tanner Vs Devin Harris

    If you are like me and don't know anything about the world of basket ball. Background: Devin harris is an American professional basketball player for the NBA's New Jersey Nets. He was doing a little PR for some fans, as pros do, and Stuart Tanner (British bloke not in any team) walks up and...
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    Audi 4 wheel control

    Probably posted before but I couldn't find it.
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    Great vid, lol Thanks:icon_thumright:
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    Mclaren SLR vs Ferrari 599 - Mclaren SLR vs. Bugatti Veyron

    I watched top gear last night and it reminded me of these 2 Vs tests. Best with the volume up loud due to the supercharger Mclaren induction rush.