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  1. DommyR

    Sold S3 Saloon Black Edition - 17 Plate - Ara Blue

    Looking to sell my beloved S3. Thought id advertise it here first. Audi S3 Saloon Black edition. Ive owned it since new and been my pride and joy. Spec: Ara Blue Tech pack high Comfort and sound package Digital Cockpit Red brake callipers Extended stitching on doors (unsure on audi name for...
  2. DommyR

    S3 GAP Insurance

    Didn't realise there was a 2nd page to this. Its been a long day!
  3. DommyR

    S3 GAP Insurance

    With GAP do you quote the RRP or ROTR price? thanks
  4. DommyR

    Possible Eagle F1 as3 fitment issue?

    hi all As per the title just had new Goodyear eagle F1 assymetric 3 tires fitted all round on my s3. On this forums recommendation. I do have a query though, The front tires have a pronounced rim protector, but strangely the rears don't. Have they been fitted incorrectly? Images attached.
  5. DommyR

    No RS3 orders being taken

    Does anyone have anymore info on the closed order book as my local dealer hadn't heard about it?
  6. DommyR

    Who Got a Demo Car to Test?

    Mate i was nearly 22 stone, 18 months ago. I couldn't even fit in my A3 8P lol.
  7. DommyR

    Who Got a Demo Car to Test?

    Im 6'2" and quite chunky at 16 stone and seating was fine for me on sport seats.
  8. DommyR

    Who Got a Demo Car to Test?

    Fantastic, although not massively faster than my S3 and I prefer the hatchback aesthetics. Definitely want one though.
  9. DommyR

    Who Got a Demo Car to Test?

    Funny story I'm going to drive a dealers RS3 this afternoon. Firstly they said they cannot offer a test to anyone under 25 for RS models (I'm 22). To which I said I'd take my business elsewhere. An email a day later, now I can drive it. Just try.
  10. DommyR

    Audi RS3 Deal

    Who is this with?
  11. DommyR

    S3 and speedbumps? Weird traction control intervention.

    Hello All. Had my S3 for nearly a year now and I must say I'm thrilled with it, perfect all round hatch back (for me). Although I just have a weird query with it, this may not be directly S3 related if not Haldex related. When I drive over a speed bump and put my foot down (slightly harder...
  12. DommyR

    S3 2016 Facelift spyshots

    Some sort of sports exhaust would be a nice option
  13. DommyR

    What features don't you use?

    300 horsepower...
  14. DommyR

    Finance Application Process

    Dealt with Dan T there,
  15. DommyR

    Who do you insure your RS3 with?

    Yes pal!
  16. DommyR

    Finance Application Process

    I got my S3 from kings lynn and they were excellent. Completely recommend!
  17. DommyR

    Who do you insure your RS3 with?

    My options show up on my policy documents, for elephant.
  18. DommyR

    Finance Application Process

    im 22 and finished my apprenticeship (manufacture engineering) although my company is funding my degree which has slowed my money slightly. But all of my money goes on beer and whatevers left goes on car finance and phone bill.
  19. DommyR

    Waking the neighbors! It has to stop.

    Your neighbours should be more productive and get up earlier.
  20. DommyR

    She has arrived

    Have you got any protection on it terminator ?