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    For Sale vag-com, a4 b8 heated seat conversion parts, luggage net, dipstick, ramps

    Sold my B8 a while ago so finally getting round to having a clearout Vag-com clone + VCDS disk £20 delivered A4 B8 Convenience body control module, 8K0907063DJ I bought this to retrofit heated seats but never got round to it...
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    SE suspension with 19" wheels?

    Anyone got any pics of 19" wheels on SE suspension? Not sure if it'll look daft or not
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    Need help identifying connector

    Hi, any suggestions to whats the name or part number of this connector could be? It's from an A4 B8 cloth seat airbag, numbers on the side are '12 04 16'
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    What's this connector for? (Seats)

    Hi I am trying to identify the black connector under my s4 seats. Does anyone know what it's for? Green - Heated seats Red - Motors Yellow - Airbag Black - ?? Thanks
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    Help! Kufatec wiring diagram

    I am unable to download the Kufatec wiring diagram from their website and they are not responding to my emails. Does anyone have a copy of the a4 b8 front heated seat wiring diagram? Really want to fit new seats tomorrow :) Thanks in advance
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    Electric seat retrofitting

    Retrofitting electric seats from an S4 to a A4 B8 SE - can it be done? From my searches, I need 1x set of chairs 1x set of cables ( 1x Highline control unit + recoding -- unconfirmed Any advice appreciated! thanks
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    Anyone mapped a 2.0TFSI?

    I'm looking at the Revo map for my B8 2.0 TFSI as I want to get rid of the 0.5-1 second delay on the throttle pedal. Has anyone had it done and does it solve that problem?
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    Cost to replace 2.0 tfsi turbo?

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a 55 plate A4 with the 2.0tfsi engine in the near future however the one I'm looking at may need need a new turbo. Does anyone have any experience or know how much it costs on average to replace one of these? I believe the turbo is a K03 but can't find the exact...