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    Chipping 3.2

    Has anyone had there 3.2 chipped? Wondered if it made much difference!
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    3.2Q Whats it worth????

    Got my car 3 1/2mths ago now considering an rs6,wondered what its worth! 3.2 s-line, Dolphin Grey, H&R Springs, Milltek Pipe, Sunroof, ArmRest, Light Pack, Folding Chrome Mirrors. Its got about 1700miles on it.
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    New Corrado

    I saw an article in auto express that they making a replacement for the corrado anyone heard the same?
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    Anyone got any pics of the forthcoming R36?My mates got £500 down at the local dealers but i've not really seen much about it.
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    Has anyone got a pic of the new a3 with gallardo wheels on yet?
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    According to my local tyre and spring dealer H&R have quoted wrong drop distances for the a3 s-line. The 35mm springs are only giving 25mm drops,being an s-line is already 10mm lower than standard.Mine have gone back and i dont get the new set for 2wks when they have meant to have been...
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    Dropping the beast!

    I've got H&R springs with a 35mm drop anyone know of a firm that does a bigger drop? (springs or full shocks)
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    Just wondering if anyone had put a set of 20" wheels on a 3.2 quattro? If so does involve much work? Ive seen some on US sites that are 8.5x20 with 235/35/20 just wondered if they'd go on with no bother. The cars fitted with H&R springs 35mm drop.
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    No more RS models

    An article i stumbled on,bad news if true!
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    MK4 Golf GTI

    Hey ive gotta sell my golf if anyones interested. Its a black,2001,1.8t,heated leather(black),climate,sunroof,18" oz superleggera's,eibach springs and all the usual extras.Its taxed and mot'ed + ive got a stainless speedtech exhaust (which i had taken off for selling)that i'll give away...