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    New S1 owner!!

    Hi there, Just recently got the keys to a glacier white s1 and so far very impressed! I have the tech pack on the car, can someone help with how to connect to Audi connect? I have an iPhone 6, the dealer said I can tether the phone but can't find a way to do this. Any help would be greatly...
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    RS3 Going...

    Will be 5dr, gkacier white, Quattro interior and exterior pack, contrast black roof, comfort pack, technology pack, design pack, privacy glass, black styling pack and I'm sure other bits but can't remember at the moment lol. Dealership is offering good money for the rs so will be part ex at the...
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    RS3 Going...

    Getting rid of a fantastic car unfortunately, going to miss this car...I haven't been on here that much lately, lots going on with life, nevertheless wanted to say thanks to all on this forum. I have found the information on here extremely useful while owning the beast. Still will be under the...
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    Off to have the brakes fixed

    Well, the car was booked in today and i've already had it back...sorry about this but I wasn't able to get any pics before hand of the brakes off the car; to cut a long story short I have been very dissatisfied with the "customer service" i received this morning, and I think I will give a few...
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    Off to have the brakes fixed

    I will try and get photos of the fix before they fit it to the car, they'll probably think I have OCD lol. I'm surprised there's so much variation in the way Audi has dealt with this issue. I initially contacted my dealership back in December to ask about a fix, which was no use. I then...
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    Off to have the brakes fixed

    Got my car booked in for the 28th May also, for front brakes, discs and pads as well as rears. I thought the fix was for the front brakes only?
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    Shell v power nitro?

    I filled up with the new vpower nitro+ yesterday. So far I have noticed the car feels a little quieter when cruising, which may be a placebo effect, but then noticed I had done almost 36mpg on a short motorway trip, and 31mpg around town - never been able to achieve those figures even in my...
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    RS3 Summer meet........... July or August 2013

    Can't believe I missed the last meet! been really busy with setting up a new business and preparing for fatherhood (which has mainly been sitting the other half in the passenger seat and making them both used to that glorious sound track - any excuse lol) sounds like you guys had a real blast...
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    Owners with - brake squeal - please register your frustrations HERE!

    The noise on my brakes is getting unbearable now, to the extent that someone threw verbal abuse at me at the pumps yesterday. Done 4300 miles in the car now. As a result I vented my frustration to my audi dealership, who promptly got back to me explaining a fix is coming's got to the...
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    Sat nav - with tv???

    Ok...thought you just have to mess around with the satnav didn't realise there is more you have to buy something extra to get it working?
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    RS3 Rival

    I'm also intrigued with this car...however how would it sound compared to our beasts?! 4cyl vs 5cyl...
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    Sat nav - with tv???

    A few days ago I was surprised to learn that I could watch tv on the sat nav, is this true?? If so, has anyone actually got it running?
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    Which fuel?

    Evening all, wanted to ask which fuel everyone is using in their rs3. Does it need to be on a strict diet of at least 98ron fuel or can I put some 95ron in? So far only used the expensive juice...
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    Owners with - brake squeal - please register your frustrations HERE!

    Sorry for the delay all, the brakes on my car started a slight squeal at around 1000 miles, which progressively got worse until around 1550 miles. Since then they have been consistent in when the sound comes, where it comes from (because it seems there is also another slight squeal of a...
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    RS3 arrived......

    Glad you're enjoying the beast!! Im totally hooked to the sound of the engine and exhaust. Whenever i find an opportunity i stick it in s mode and manual - absolutely savage, especially launch control!! The other day i discovered that in manual mode the gear doesnt change until you press the...
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    Suzuka Grey

    Congrats on the new purchase!! Looks amazing identical to mine. I also happened to find mine in the showroom. Happy motoring!!
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    RS3 arrived......

    Congrats on the beauty!! Looks amazing and am sure it was worth the wait. Just wait til its run in lol
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    Owners with - brake squeal - please register your frustrations HERE!

    This car is a joy to drive but the brake squeal on my car's brakes is driving me crazy and giving me headache. It's taking away a lot of the pleasure at the mo. car is booked in with Audi again tomorrow. Please add me to the list
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    Launch Control?

    Boy oh boy! I used launch control yesterday and it was epic! I think I'll start growing new neck muscles lol... With regards to usage, I had launch control on my previous car (6 speed DSG) which I used many times over it's 74k miles with me. Had no issues whatsoever. I thought as long as the...
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    New RS3 owner!

    Thanks for the comments! I'm in club RS3 before club suzuka ;-) I'm glad I went for this colour...Just before getting this one I had the option of getting a daytona grey or red one, but I definitely prefer this colour. Having said that the RS3 would even look monstrous even in pink lol. Only...