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    Found water leak hope this helps others.

    Hi all son has a 2007 a3 8p 2.0 tdi sline his drivers floor was getting really wet like as if a pint of water was on the floor when it rained, me and my son looked high and low could not find anything we could see it was running down the metal colum inside the car as there was rust on it but...
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    Four wheel alignment.

    Hi all my son has a 2007 a3 2.0 170bhp sline can anybody tell me please if the car can have 4 wheel alignment as my son's rear wheels are wearing on the inside of both the rear tyres, not sure if it was just front wheel alignment on this car or four wheel thanks for any help
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    Head light bulbs.

    Hi there son has a 2007 a3 2.0 tdi sline 2007 just trying to sort out the headlight bulbs can anybody tell us what type we would need thanks for your help.
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    Front wiper motor fixing.

    Son has a 2007 a3 2.0 tdi his motor has died, can anybody tell me if the wiper motor is held on by nut and bolt or is it like other cars where you have to drill out, the pop rivets thanks for any help.
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    Front wipers not working any help please.

    Hi all son has a a3 2007 bmn 2.0 tdi sline 170bhp went to use his wipers this morning and they made a bit of a screech and did not move, he can still use the jets i asked him if the wiper arms were stuck to the screen he said no had a look at the fuse f19 30 amp all looks good tried a new one...
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    Found the leak at last.

    Hi all my son had a leak on his car and the driver's floor was getting soaked had a bit of a look and we found that the end of the scuttle panel on driver's side had lifted from the gap that the scuttle pannel sits in at the bottom of the screen, had a look and plastic has broke of from the back...
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    A3 plenum chamber/weep holes getting blocked and location.

    My son has a 2007 a3 there are two weep holes one at each side at the front of the car which then the water runs out of the bottom of the front arch, but i have been looking on the net and it seems that there is a rubber bung that takes the waste water under the battery that can get blocked does...
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    HELP please have a leak.

    Hi my son has a 2007 a3 sline 2.0 tdi 170bhp he has been getting alot of water in the driver's side footwell when we have rain, been out to his car and i saw this, what is in pics does anybody have a clue where the bar that has rust on it goes to as i think that is where the water is getting in...
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    a3 2.0 fuel filter which one?

    Hi all my son has a 2007 a3 2.0 tdi 170bhp sline he wants to do the fuel filter but there are 3 types there is a 142mm 136mm 115mm tall does anybody have a clue on what size the fuel filter would be many thanks for all your help.
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    Fault code po299

    Hi all my son has a 2007 a3 2.0 tdi bmn 170bhp at christmas his was waiting for a friend and the car got hot and the eml came on plugged it in came up with the above code p0299 the car did not go into limp mode or any thing no lack of power, then today 19/7/2020 the samething happened engine got...
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    3 Door lockinng system/5 door locking system.

    My son has a 2007 3 door a3 sline tdi 170bhp tdi got home and the driver's side lock started to play up central locking fine on the other door just the driver's side you have to unlock with the key been looking on the net and from what people seem to be saying, is the mechanism is different to a...
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    CODE P0546 HIGH BANK 1

    My son has a 2007 a3 tdi sline 170bhp bmn had a problem with the car put a basic diagnostic reader on the car came up with this code p0546 high, got a friend to plug the car into vag com and came up with the same code but also said bank 1. Could anybody please explain this code to me and the...
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    Lambda sensor 2007 tdi sline

    Hi all son has a 2007 a3 sline 170bhp with the bmn engine we have been looking for a lambda sensor but a bit confused on what one, went on the phone to tps would not help. The problem is one site is saying 5 wires 6 pins and so could somebody confirm this please or do they have a part number...
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    fault code p0546

    My son has a 2007 a3 2.0 170bhp tdi sline bmn engine the fault code that came up today when he put the code reader on the car, was p0546 been looking on net it seems to do with Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor saying that it could be this sensor which i take to be the lambda sensor, been...
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    My son has a 2007 a3 2.0 170bhp tdi sline he is looking for rear disc the code in his book shows the 1kz which is 286mm and front 1lj 312mm the problem that we have is that most shops are saying that his car is 282mm so could somebody help and explain are the disc 286mm or 282mm as everybody...
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    Engine undertray.

    Hi all my son has a a3 2007 2.0 tdi 170 bhp sline with the bmn engine i have been looking for the engine undertray but i am really struggling to find a tray that fits the diesel, can find loads for the petrol but nothing for the diesel or when i contact seller's all saying that they don't fit...
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    Help with all round obd code reader.

    Hi all not sure if i am in the correct forum so sorry if i am in the wrong one, i am looking for a all round obd code reader around a 100 pounds could anybody help and give some advice, it's not alot of money for a reader, but i will be doing the most basic things with it nothing fancy fault...
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    Glovebox hinge broke

    My son has a 2007 a3 2.0 170bhp tdi slines he went into the glove box and it broke, been looking but cant seem a way to fix it, or if they sell replacement hinges been on ebay seems you have to buy the joblot, so just looking for some help please thanks.
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    vcds lite/car port.

    Hi all my son has a a3 2007 170bhp tdi sline he is looking for some software for his car but has been told that there is some software called car port which he can use on the audi, just looking for some help what do you think he should go for as not sure of what would be the best for him he wont...
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    Need a driveshaft.

    My son has a 2007 a3 2.0 tdi s line 170bhp bmn engine he needs a new passenger's driveshaft can anybody recomend somewhere please tried tps but got to be a garage looking for a tidy make of driveshaft, we live in south wales gwent any help would be grateful thanks.