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    For Sale Tts alloys

    Up for sake are a set off TTS alloys that I got back from my stolen tts, I’m looking for around 800ish, there are some kurbing but nothing to bad, there are for protection purpose only, pm if interested I’ll try get photos up, please bare with me I’m not on here very often now
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    Q5 1EBG anyone’s reg on here

    As above, anyone’s reg on here, trying to contact owners or above reg, ta
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    For sale I have a VCDS genuine lead for working on your car, it’s a unlimited bins, so no restrictions on how many cars you want to work on, these leads don’t lose money, was bought to check codes as cheaper than audi, £245 delivered or can be picked up, I’m from York area, if it’s easier for...
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    Wanted Wanted front bumper Audi A3/S3 8v

    hi guys looking for a front bumper for a a3/S3 pre/facelift, must be loads sat in garages from people doing a facelift conversion, thanks no rush or desperate thanks
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    wiring diagram Audi A3 8v

    hi guys can anyone point me in the right direction got get hold of a wiring diagagram for a Audi A3 8v chassis many thanks
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    Anyone from the york, Harrogate, Wetherby, area please

    Hi anyone in York , Harrogate , wetherby area with vcds please , borrow hire a lead , thanks
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    Photo please, can somebody take a photo for me from a dog car s3

    hi guys , I’ve got a s3 and was looking in fuse box under bonnet to, find a fault I think is related to a fuse, when I looked there, it looks to have had abit of modding to the fuse box, that don’t look factory, I’ve looked at a audi TTS fuse box, but one is a dog other the TT is a manual, would...
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    How many facelift 3 door s3 owners on here

    hi just wondering how many 3 door facelift s3 owners on this site, wanting to ask a few of you a question thanks guys
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    Pin read out for standard Bose and rnse ,

    hi guys just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to finding a pin readout for a s3 or a3 with standard Bose system and standard rnse installed, not a retro for fitting either, but a car that come with both as standard, thanks, I've looked all over but only coming up with...
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    Little help , coding new airbag module ,think I've cocked it up

    hi guys I've just fitted a new air bag module on my s3 , I copied the long code over , but still got air bag faults, have I done something wrong, was following guid , but can't remember what I've done tbh, can anyone help me, have I done something wrong, I can't put a screen shot of sac an up as...
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    Help finding part number s3/a3 airbag ecu

    hi guys not sure if any of you can help, I'm needing a new or secondhand airbag ecu / module as mine is playing up, I've had it out to find part number but, the sticker has gone white to a state I can't make out the number, has anyone got a spare ecu from a 58 plate onwards 3 door, not sure if...
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    certificate of conformity

    Hi guy has any of you guys ever received one of these when buying your audi ?
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    Pin skc retrieval is it possible on a s3 2010-2012

    Hi guys I'm in need of changing my clusters my car is a 2010 and I've bought a cluster from a 2012 I need to swap the move and have the millage charged to the right miles so that everything looks right and also is it possible to have the proper chassis no swapped into the new clusters, thanks guys
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    Help finding earth straps on audi S3 2010

    Hi guys been searching but can't find the position of where I can find the engine/ gearbox earth strap on my audi S3, if anyone no's please let me no thanks
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    S3 (8p) pin read out on main fuse box under bonnet pin 20 please can you help

    Hi guys I'm trying to find out what the pin 20 is meant to be used for on the main engine bay fuse box, it the one on the small bock of 2, I've searched all over the net and can't get one answer on it, can anyone help, thanks
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    Wiring help on s3(8p) pin 20 on main fuse box under bonnet, help

    Hi guys I'm trying to find out what the pin 20 is meant to be used for on the main engine bay fuse box, it the one on the small bock of 2, I've searched all over the net and can't get one answer on it, can anyone help, thanks
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    Part number needed help , 20010 steering rack

    Hi guys can anyone help in trying to find the part number for the steering rack for an s3 2010 car, I've made a mistake and fitted a 2012-13 rack from another a3 and it looks like it's to short in width , can anyone help cheers
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    Carcoon ( air chamber) for sale

    Hi guy I have for sale a carcoon for sale , this is a indoor model and only used for around 4 months, the 2 foam fan covers are missing but if I fid them they will be included, I bought this for a Clio v6 I had but never got around to use in, I've just blown it up and in very good condition no...
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    Help, wiring diagram for a3 8p

    Hi can anyone help me I'm in need of the wiring diagram for the audi a3-s3 on the 8p, or even better has anyone got a Bentley cd the could copy me to help me out, I'm really stuck and about to fire my car, also does anyone now how many + (live) feeds there should be on the obd11 port with...
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    Fuel cut off switch a-s3 8p

    Hi can anyone tell me where this switch is or if the audi a-s3 have one fitted (8p) most at cars have one for safety in the case of an accident ( switch with red cap on it) thanks