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  1. slinemfc

    MMI shut itself down

    Only happened twice but very strange. I have a 2016 PFL S3 and never had an issue with the MMI until recently. Whilst driving and listening to radio and Spotify via Bluetooth, the MMI has just shut itself off, screen off and zero sound. Can't recall what was listed at the top of the DIS but it...
  2. slinemfc

    Retrofitting seat back with armrest/through load.

    Has anyone changed the 2/3 split section to one with an armrest etc on a PFL S3 sportback? If so, where on earth did you find the seat back? [emoji51] Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  3. slinemfc

    Is this MTM M Cantronic compatible

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone knew of this MTM M Cantronic box would work on a PFL S3. I've been offered it but I'm guessing it'll only be suitable for a 310ps FL version. Any one have any thoughts or experience of these matters grateful for your advice? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using...
  4. slinemfc

    PFL S3 Sback in Sussex area with coilovers

    Hi guys, random request but here goes. Does anyone in the south east near Sussex have a PFL sportback that they have changed the standard suspension over for coilovers that wouldn't mind taking me out for a spin to see if I can get a feel for how it's changed? Trying to get my head around why...
  5. slinemfc

    Previous owner of MJ62WVN

    Anyone know who the owner was of the above RS3? Went to see it yesterday and wondered if he was still about on here at all. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  6. slinemfc

    Trying to join the fold.

    Hi guys, after much soul searching I have made the decision to look for an RS3 8P. In short, I formerly had an S3 8P3 HB in Ice Silver, loved it to be honest, but I changed into a Sepang 8V early part of 2016. The S3 8V is a very good car but, I just don't feel the love I had for the 8P which...
  7. slinemfc

    Lack of alternative route choice on navigation at the start of a journey. PFL

    Has anyone with a PFL with Navigation and Tech Pack found that the MMI doesn't give you a choice of 3 routes any more? I'm not sure how long this hasn't happened for but I have a MY16 which I haven't updated the maps for but noticed the other day that it just programmes in a route to follow and...
  8. slinemfc

    TT RS spotted in Haywards Heath

    This evening heading towards Lindfield in a Blue, possibly Sepang or Sprint, 8J coupe. I was behind you at Oathall roundabout in my S3. Lovely sound on idle. If on here, is it a plus? Sports exhaust? I'm tempted more than ever... Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  9. slinemfc

    Oil change on the S3

    I changed the oil this week on my S3 as an in between service freshen up. Filter too for that matter [emoji6] A question to those of you who have also done this, do you reset the oil service in the MMI or leave it for the actual service? I haven't played about with the spark plugs for now...
  10. slinemfc

    Xpel Paint Protection Film

    Last weekend I went ahead and had Paint Protection Film added to my S3. I thought about it for a while but after having had some stone chips on my 8P which for me, were too many, decided to go for it. I'm really impressed with the result and the guys who fitted it at Race By Design in Horley...
  11. slinemfc

    New S3 on order and a ppf question already...

    Hi all, just ordered my Sepang Blue Sportback after being suckered in with a good deal. Sad to trade in my Silver 8P but I figured what the hell [emoji6] I'm interested in getting paint protection as I was devastated when I got stone chips on the 8P, has anyone had it installed from the...
  12. slinemfc

    iPhone 4 RNSe Not Supported?

    Hi guys, I have searched the threads for a possible solution but I can't seem to find anything the same. I am trying to connect an iPhone 4 to the AMI on the RNSe on my 2011 S3 using the cable from pack 4F0 051 510 P. The display reads AMI Initializing and then Not Supported. It does...
  13. slinemfc

    Thinking about MTM stage one

    Having read through a lot of posts and threads on the subject, I have been looking at going down the MTM route as I live close to QSTuning. As a first modification on my first S3, or equivalent car, am just toying around and only looking at stage 1 for now to release the engine a bit. Has anyone...
  14. slinemfc

    Insurance And Tuning

    Just wondered whether any of you guys that had gone down the tuning route did with regards to your insurance. My S3 is with an online one but they won't quote when I try to edit and include modifications for tuning. I emailed them and they confirmed they won't quote on it. Do I have to find a...
  15. slinemfc

    S3 aluminium footrest

    Should my 2011 S3 have had a aluminum footrest to match the pedals? It is s-tronic so not sure if that would make a difference or not. Any heads up gratefully appreciated Loving the S3 so far by the way :kissmyrings:
  16. slinemfc

    New S3 owner in Sussex

    Well, after hovering around for a little bit, and after a bit of searching, I have put down a deposit and will be collecting my first Audi. Found a good looking Ice Silver 3 door 2011 S3 that I have taken the plunge on. Expect questions galore :-) For now, hello, and I'm Stu. Coming from a...