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  1. WOLF

    Sold Audi alloys 19”

    Set of four,5x112,66.6cb 19”x8.5 et 35 Taken off my A5 come with turbo bolts and extended turbo bolts.10mm and 15mm spacers if you want to space them off Great used condition all straight no buckles or scrapes. Collection doncaster £400
  2. WOLF

    Found Audi A5 rotors

    Looking for a set of genuine rotors for my A5. 19 or 20” with correct ET33. Don’t mind used in need of refurb but no cracks or buckled alloys.
  3. WOLF

    Carista plug in

    What’s the difference between the white carista plug in and the black one?
  4. WOLF

    Painted the A5 callipers

    They are darker than the pictures.... Smooth hammerite mixed to get a grey colour with S decals,not a bad mornings work Hope you like!
  5. WOLF

    A5 spacers

    I’ve just recieved a pair of 15mm spacers but upon trying to fit them they stand off the hub by approx 1/8”,they are hub centric and the correct centre bore.Itlooks like the machined part on the centre bore needs to be deeper! any recommendations for a pair that will fit?
  6. WOLF

    FREE Audi A5 grill *FREE*

    Got an A5 grill from my old 2007 plate if anyone wants it for free.... It’s sprayed black and all lugs are intact.Too good to throw away so if you want it come and get it! Located south yorkshire
  7. WOLF

    Returning member

    Well I’ve not been on here for some time but hey what have I missed! Now driving my second Audi A5! Just been looking through some of my old posts
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    Sold Audi segment alloys

    Just removed these from my A5.i can send pictures of you pm your mobile X4 Genuine speeldline OEM alloys 19” All straight with minor kerb rash. Open to offers via pm. Collection from South Yorkshire
  9. WOLF

    a4 avant part number

    Can anyone give me the part number for the boot lock so I can source a new one?its a 2002 tdi avant cheers
  10. WOLF

    A4 B6 avant boot wont open

    My boot wont open with the remote or with the key on my b6 avant,im presuming its the actuator or solenoid.Is this attached to the lock on the boot lid or on the bit on the rear bumper? also how do I get it open for repair,,by taking the trim of the tailgate from inside?? This is a major pain...
  11. WOLF

    I need a uk address of a relative.

    I need to find an address of a relative ,to cut a long story short its for my dad.He suffers with dementia and he wants his grandsons address but his grandson keeps refusing or gives false addresses.We have the landline telephone number for him so is there anyway to get the address from that...
  12. WOLF

    Feels like turning on ice

    When I put full right lock on from standing still and then moving away it feels like its skidding,like on ice when it cant grip. ive jacked car up and inspected balljoints,antiroll bar bushes etc and all feels fine.There was no ice so can rule that out. Car is a FWD A4 B6 1.9tdi avant Any ideas...
  13. WOLF

    My interior colour

    How can i find out what colour trim are on my seats ? Ive got chance of a pair of front seats but need them to match the rears.
  14. WOLF

    Auto electrical advice *not audi*

    Just looking for a bit of auto electrical advice on my van which is a transit connect. My side loading wont lock with my key,every other door locks fine.Ive just put a new lock actuator on that's been tested and working order but still it wont lock on the key.I have to lock it manually with a...
  15. WOLF

    Wing mirrors 'Anthracite'

    I recently painted my wing mirrors matt chrome but the paint isn't durable so I was considering doing them anthracite to match my wheels. What do you think......? Heres my car as it looks now.
  16. WOLF

    Name and shame ebay user

    I recently bought 2 s4 alloys locally then I bought 2 more off this ebay user,i paid £120 per wheel so £240 for the pair but I didn't go through ebay but paid through paypal as gift:(,one has quite a bad buckle which I witnessed on the balancing machine.Its on the car and at the moment i'll live...
  17. WOLF

    Grey B7 avant M180

    Saw this Grey A4 B7 ( Part reg number R55 )avant Saturday morning on the M180 at 7 am,lowered on 3dsm's I think with 3 bikes on the roof.On the move it looked superb:salute: Anyone on here?
  18. WOLF

    Bendy Iphone 6

    Apparantly if left in a tight pocket etc they can bend permanently;)
  19. WOLF

    Part Number Confirmation....

    Can anyone with access to audi part numbers please confirm these wing mirror housings are from a a4 b6?? 8E0 857 507 or 408 471 Cheers
  20. WOLF

    My Vw Bora

    Not really sure where to put this but thought i'd share...... This bora gave me 8 years trouble free motoring.......literally! It was a 1.9tdi 115 pd highline and loved it until the turbo blew 2 years ago,i sold it with the turbo blown. It was lowered on eibachs and koni's,reiger rear spoiler...