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    For Sale Tts alloys

    Up for sake are a set off TTS alloys that I got back from my stolen tts, I’m looking for around 800ish, there are some kurbing but nothing to bad, there are for protection purpose only, pm if interested I’ll try get photos up, please bare with me I’m not on here very often now
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    Q5 1EBG anyone’s reg on here

    As above, anyone’s reg on here, trying to contact owners or above reg, ta
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    Anyone fitted a B9 interior into a B8?

    Did you have any joy on finding this out? Thinking about it myself
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    Yes mate that’s right, they still work on cars after 2015 you just have some modules you get a missing message , reason for buying new type, if somebody wants to pick it up, they can have it for £230 I live nowhere near a post office and it’s £10 in fuel for me to get to one, plus around £8...
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    For sale I have a VCDS genuine lead for working on your car, it’s a unlimited bins, so no restrictions on how many cars you want to work on, these leads don’t lose money, was bought to check codes as cheaper than audi, £245 delivered or can be picked up, I’m from York area, if it’s easier for...
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    Hi mate if you get this message please reply, I’ve recently just bought your old car, just...

    Hi mate if you get this message please reply, I’ve recently just bought your old car, just wanted to no a few things, thanks
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    Wanted 8V Front Bumper *PREFER IN GREY*

    Bumper is knackered , won’t fix back properly, if you look, fixing front of wing had pulled off,
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    Wanted Wanted front bumper Audi A3/S3 8v

    hi guys looking for a front bumper for a a3/S3 pre/facelift, must be loads sat in garages from people doing a facelift conversion, thanks no rush or desperate thanks
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    brake servo restricted

    Any update
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    Approved Used Audi - now discovered botched accident repair

    Another one that dose not put the out come up, but as a replie, I don think this is the dealers fault, they can’t guarantee what has happened to the car while in the hands of a previous keeper, all they can do is a HPI, there’s no law saying otherwise, and as another has said , to many miles...
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    Anyone from the york, Harrogate, Wetherby, area please

    Hi thanks got sorted, bought another lead now, ta
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    Audi A3 Wont Start and Dashboard is dead

    Hi does anyone no of a place near to York, Harrogate that can remove component protection thanks
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    Audi A3 Wont Start and Dashboard is dead

    Thanks fir reply, is there anyone on here that no of a place to do this? Thanks
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    Audi A3 Wont Start and Dashboard is dead

    Can this be don’t on the 8v chassis cars and a used ecu be changed over due to failed ecu, on same car
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    VCDS - York

    Anyone needs help in York area. I’ve got new v2 cable for smal. Fee
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    Hole in rear silencer S3

    Sorry the saints I think it’s my fault, that thread was very old. I put a message on there hoping the guy saw what I had written as I had seen he had posted pin readouts, fir somebody , hoping he would get notifications that I had replied. Sorry fella
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    wiring diagram Audi A3 8v

    Hi yes , just under engine bay, not engine loom, kind of from back of glove box to front corners , ie headlights etc , my lads car was stolen and they tried to fire under bonnet, not very well mainly from where you first see the moon front pass side under bonnet , right along windscreen scuttle...
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    wiring diagram Audi A3 8v

    Hi thanks, is there no where where you can get it free , looks like it could cost a bit if I don’t no what I’m looking for, maybe someone might be able who’s already a member on that site, thanks fir your help , if not I’ll give it a go, I’ve only got my iPad , so could be logged into it for...
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    Pin Out / Wiring Diagram (Rear LED cluster)

    Anyone no a pin readout for facelift headlights from 2013 too 2017- thanks