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    My Catalunya rs3 Sedan

    A few pics of my baby in Cape Town South Africa Sent from my VKY-L29 using Tapatalk
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    9j et35?

    Hi guys will a 9j et35 will fit onto a audi s3 sedan? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    19 inch audi speedline

    Hi will these wheels fit an audi S3 sedan. They come off an audi a6. Does anyone know wheel specs.
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    19 inch Audi a5 Rotar

    Hi will this 19 inch a5 rotor fit on the new audi s3 sedan?
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    19 inch rims for s3 sedan

    Hi what wheel specs will work on this car. Would the the same wheels on 8p s3 fit the new s3 sedan ?
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    Touching with 19 inch wheels

    Hi guys i just fitted rs6 reps et45 tire size is 235/35/19. My car is touching when i drive over bumps. Any remedies for this ?
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    My scirocco R from SA

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    wat wheel is this

    plz tell me the name of this wheel
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    will these wheels fit on a rs3

    wheels came off my scirocco 19inch et35 8,5j
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    Is there no add on sports body kit for an s3?

    Hi there are there no add on body kits for an s3 like spoilers and stuff
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    will original audi rs4 wheels fit my s3

    was wondering if i could get original audi rs4 wheels to fit my s3. Is there enough meat on the rim to do necesary modifications
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    My car sounds terrible with the downpipe fitted i cant take the sound. it moves like a bomb tho. Wat do i have to do to make the sound beter. i stil have standard exhaust sysytem
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    WILL A 19 INCH 8,5j 35 offset fit an audi s3 sportback. the wheel im looking at is a work vsxx
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    r8 v10 replicas

    does anyone have a pic of an s3 with these wheels on in 19 inch
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    where can i purchase work vsxx wheel from

    who can i contact for work vsxx wheels
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    Some new pics S3 sportback

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    Wat you guys have to say about this exhaust. Planning on fitting it to my s3
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    Eibach springs for S3 sportback

    Hi there does anyone know if there is eibach springs available for an s3 sportback. If so how much lower is it cause the back looks like it doesnt need lowering