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  1. QUIGGS2001

    Dropping a 07 engine into an 04 car?

    Hello guys, Im (un)lucky enough to own an 04 Avant which needs a new engine & turbo. Its a Nov 04 1.9 TDI 115 PD. Engine code BKE. Quite rare. The BKE was used in A4 B7s right up to round 07 iirc. Would an 07 BKE drop right into my 04 Avant, theoretically?
  2. QUIGGS2001

    1.9 TDI engine codes?

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone would know what 1.9 TDI engine would be the same/similar to a BKE? My BKE is from a Nov 04 Avant. Need a new engine. But as BKE's seem to be quite rare, what else would fit? Thanks so much for any help.
  3. QUIGGS2001

    Have I blown my engine?! PLEASE help!

    Last night my mechanic picked up my '04 1.9TDI B6 A4. Ive been having problems with the heating system. IE: only getting warm air when car is moving/engine is in motion, then cold air when car is idle. Temperate guage never moves past 90 by the way. So anyways, lastnight he's diagnosed the water...