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  1. QUIGGS2001

    Post your A7/S7 and RS7 pics here

    I went with 10mm FKs and was very happy with the stance...
  2. QUIGGS2001

    Google Maps is Back!!

    Isn't this feature pretty redundant now you (and I) have Android Auto installed?
  3. QUIGGS2001

    Post your A7/S7 and RS7 pics here

    2015 3.0 TDI 272 Black Edition S-Line. Tech Pack. Subtle touches.. Won't be doing much more. 21" Rims, Factory Mudflaps, 10mm Spacers. Just had Carplay Audi update my System to enable Audi Smartphone with Android Auto & Apple Carplay. Full 2021 Audi Map Pack too. So tech wise she feels bang...
  4. QUIGGS2001

    S7 400mm Brakes fitted to a A7 BiTDI

    Brakes look very cool! I like. Definitely wouldn't shell out that kind of coin for a new front setup tho
  5. QUIGGS2001

    Android Auto confusion

    Update: 2021 Audi Europe Maps Updated Successfully
  6. QUIGGS2001

    Android Auto confusion

    Well ai had mine done today remotely with that Carplay guy in China, from the link in the post above. Very happy with the ease of procedure and also the end result. My Sept '15 A7 was running MHI2_ER_AU57x_K2570 Aiming to reconnect with him tomorrow and have my Audi Europe Maps Updated also...
  7. QUIGGS2001

    Android Auto confusion

    OK I have MHI2_ER_AU57x_K2570 Is the upgrade possible? 2015 Facelift A7. MMI 3G+
  8. QUIGGS2001

    Rear Lights on with DRL

    Just purchased a late 2015 A7 S-Line 272 Quattro Black Edition - DRL Rears seem to run upon ignition. I love it! Now to get the Needle Sweep programmed....
  9. QUIGGS2001

    TV upgrade to MMI system

  10. QUIGGS2001

    No colour code....

    My Misano Red C7 A6 also has dashes for paint codes, and shows in the MyAudi App as 'Audi Exclusive Paint Finish'. To date, I've never seen a pre-facelift Misano Red C7 except for a S6 on an American Forum.
  11. QUIGGS2001

    software updates/MMI updates?

    Alternatively, download the myAudi app. Register your vehicle. This will also detail all the extras / add-ons your vehicle is equipped with.
  12. QUIGGS2001

    MMI - speed camera audio alerts

    Yeah dont think I'd be bothered with mine bleeping every whipabout either...
  13. QUIGGS2001

    Northern Ireland

    I've just realised the date.. Ah well was worth asking Cheers pal.
  14. QUIGGS2001

    Northern Ireland

    I didn't get free delivery with my recent purchase of FK Spacers for my A6 C7? Maybe you weren't aware I was an Audi-Sport Member?
  15. QUIGGS2001

    Multitronic fault "gearbox malfunction you can continue driving limited functionality "

    Speaking personally as someone who went through being told that dreaded advice a couple of months ago from my local Audi Dealership, I'd strongly advise not to jump at that initially. They told me my mechatronic unit needed replacing. At a cost of £2.7k alone for the unit, I decided to look...
  16. QUIGGS2001

    Pics with lowering springs fitted

    Hmm Hope this won't be a waste of my time & money then... The springs in my car are likely the same size as the H & Rs I'm going to put in?! In saying that, a pal of mine put H & Rs into his S-Line Quattro A7 last wk and it did bring it down nicely. Before... After...
  17. QUIGGS2001

    Pics with lowering springs fitted

    Definitely an improvement there pal! I'm worried as mine has factory S-Line Sport Suspension, are the H & R springs going to bring her down much more...
  18. QUIGGS2001

    Pics with lowering springs fitted

    Are those 21" pal? That'd sit very well with a subtle drop