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  1. jesters3

    Boot photos required - please

    Hello, hope all are well. Would it be possible if someone with an A3 Sportback could post some photos of their boot - underfloor. Looking at gettting a spare tyres and kit - just wanting to see what is underneath. I can't as I haven't bought the car yet. Cheers
  2. jesters3

    I'm back - been 15 years ...good to be back

    I'm back - been 15 years ...good to be back
  3. jesters3


    Hello, Just want to get rid of a pair of S3 Avus Alloys. Both have old Ultrac Vredstein tyres with 2/3mm left; however you will need to replace these as they have been on for over 5 years. Both Alloys have surface pock marks (where I dropped them face down on the tarmac doh) and very minor...
  4. jesters3

    End of an Era

    Well it has happened after 205,000 miles, 8 Years of Ownership and one expensive year to date. My S3 has now been sold in a part ex for a new car for the missus. I will post a bit more about the whole car and experience in due course once the sale has gone through. :crying:
  5. jesters3

    Relay Location - how do I get to them under the sterring wheel?

    Can someone tell me how to access the relay's under the steering wheel? On searching a lot of people say they have done this but there is no explantion of how?
  6. jesters3

    Fault code: 16395

    Morning the old girl conked out on me this morning (second time this week). Pulling up to a junction, slow down, depress clutch, car dies, car turns but won't start, try it a few times still no joy, leave it a min (while the people behind me overtake and look at me in the angry 'what the f**K...
  7. jesters3

    Car conked out this morning

    Morning the old girl conked out on me this morning (second time this week). Pulling up to a junction, slow down, depress clutch, car dies, car turns but won't start, try it a few times still no joy, leave it a min (while the people behind me overtake and look at me in the angry 'what the f**K...
  8. jesters3

    Finally...200,000 miles

    Well it got there. Just clicked over the 200k in my 02 S3. Been an expensive start to the year to get it there (new clutch, flywheel, failed MOT, new pedal, new fuel pump, new tyres) and soon to cost another £600 fixing the main shaft. But apart from that life with the old girl has been good...
  9. jesters3

    Help - car just died

    Thankfully got home. However when I ave gone to move the car it just won't start. It doesnt turn over. Have just VAG it but nothing comes up. had a look underneath and saw that the coilpack in 1 and 3 were 'up' pushed them down and that seemed to help but it still did not start. VAG it...
  10. jesters3

    Both Xenon Bulb Failure - ?

    Hello, Just found that both my Xenon Dipped Beams lights don't work. i can turn on the side lights as norm and the main beam so they work olay and I take it the switch does as well. Have checked all the fuses for the lights and all seem in order No bulb failure has come on either...
  11. jesters3

    AC Compressor - what it cost to fix

    Just to let you know, just had my Air Con Compressor replaced as the other one was faulty. Got it done at SJB Autotech in Basingstoke (good bunch of guys Cal and Jim). Air Con Compressor - £390.00 Air Con Regas - £60.00 2 Hours Labour - £94.00 Total inc VAT £625.60 Really happy with the...
  12. jesters3

    FREE MOT from

    Saw this on the A2 forum so had a look, registered my car and printed off the voucher. As the car is 7 years old and 174k on the clock I thought it may fail on something. Took it into Newbury Audi this morning and they did a while you wait service. Had a couple of cups of coffee, watched TV...
  13. jesters3

    174k part ex for £3-4000 - sound about right?

    Hello, my car is a 2002 Audi S3 with 174000 miles. Looking at getting £3000-4000 on a part ex that sound about right or is it too much?
  14. jesters3

    Rear Wheel Bearings on an 8L S3

    Hello, My car is making a horrendous scrapping/grinding/clicking noise which I belive to be the rear wheel bearings. Been quoted £320 all in to get them replaced; this is based on 4 hours of work. I have been told by a couple of places that they are a b@stard to do as the ball joint needs to...
  15. jesters3

    Cheers j4jon!

    Just been out in j4jon's S3. He's got the DG Shortshift, B8/HR combo, HR ARB and Tie bars. First impressions was the 'snick snick' nature of the gears, very short but manageble. Had to get used to it after my long throw of a gearbox, but after a while i'm sure you could use it well; i would...
  16. jesters3

    S3 BAM - ESP/Oil Breather Pipes

    Hi, Could you do me a price for the following components: 17N 10201901 pipe clip 7X19,4-22,6 / 18N 90935701 connection piece / for vehicles with electronic stabilisation program -esp- A16X16 / 19N 10202001 pipe clip 24,1 / 2006A103817 connecting hose / for vehicles with electronic...
  17. jesters3

    Annoying rattle/tapping under acceleration

    Woe is me. I love my car. Audi S3 2002 BAM engine. She has decided to start making a tapping/rattling sound above 70 mph. It sounds like something metallic is brushing against something that is rotating (i.e a playing card hitting a bicycle wheel sound). Through the gears it is fine at...
  18. jesters3

    Throttle Body issue

    Morning, My car died on me last night. Drove home went to Tesco's all fine come back to the car, fire her up and she is revving like crazy from 1-2.5k sporadically. So I switch off, wait, and switch back she is doing the same, hmm great. So I drive off and she is still reving even when the...
  19. jesters3

    S3 Bumper Removal - How too

    Arvo, I never found a guide with photos for removing a bumper from an Audi S3 only ones with writing so I thought I would do one to help out. I am a novice and no mechanic; so please note I take no responsibility for your actions on your own car in using this guide. 1. Tools Used Proskit...
  20. jesters3

    Audi Reference Page - DIY, How to, information, part numbers and even

    Been looking for a few things Audi related and came across this excellent compliation of all Audi on one page so I thought I would share it! Links to VAG (VW & Audi) Stuff!