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    New S1 owner!!

    Hi there, Just recently got the keys to a glacier white s1 and so far very impressed! I have the tech pack on the car, can someone help with how to connect to Audi connect? I have an iPhone 6, the dealer said I can tether the phone but can't find a way to do this. Any help would be greatly...
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    RS3 Going...

    Getting rid of a fantastic car unfortunately, going to miss this car...I haven't been on here that much lately, lots going on with life, nevertheless wanted to say thanks to all on this forum. I have found the information on here extremely useful while owning the beast. Still will be under the...
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    Sat nav - with tv???

    A few days ago I was surprised to learn that I could watch tv on the sat nav, is this true?? If so, has anyone actually got it running?
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    Which fuel?

    Evening all, wanted to ask which fuel everyone is using in their rs3. Does it need to be on a strict diet of at least 98ron fuel or can I put some 95ron in? So far only used the expensive juice...
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    New RS3 owner!

    Evening all, Proud owner of a new RS3 in Suzuka Grey, just wanted to know if there is anything i need to look out for in terms of caring for the car in the miles to come (apart from that fantastic sound!) Many thanks in advance