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  1. Cobra88

    Wanted A4 B7 Yellow plug 4E0 972 133 on top right of steering column

    Hi Guys im after the A4 B7 Yellow plug 4E0 972 133 on top right of steering column so i can get my airbag light off after retrofitting a B7 slipring assembly. probably aimed at someone breaking a B7 Regards Rick
  2. Cobra88

    Wanted B7 Clock spring 4e0 953 541B so i can fit my B7 MFSW

    As per title Ebay seller sent me the incorrect clock spring with B6 Airbag loom socket :( even though he said was off a B7 Regards Rick so far this mod has been a string of hassle
  3. Cobra88

    Anyone got part number for 288mm non vented rear caliper carrier ?

    As per title thanks in advance. Just want to upgrade my Rear discs from 245 to 288 but struggling to find correct caliper carriers. Already Have 320mm fronts from B7 Special Edition model (last B7s TFSI/170tdi with black grill) Regards Rick
  4. Cobra88

    P0441 code causes ?

    Hi All Does anyone know what the causes of this code can be as Audi are giving the Owner the runaround just charging to turn off the CEL Thanks in Advance its a 2010 2.0 tfsi. Mk2 tt
  5. Cobra88

    why does my rear wiper keep turning it's self on ?

    As per title both times been out in very heavy rain (No water in my bulkhead area) before anyone says that ;) wiper just starts going and when it eventually stops it's rarely in it's park position. MRS was pleased as she said the rear wiper went on it's own last week and I said no you must...
  6. Cobra88

    Changed my Head unit no no key power ??

    Hi All I fitted my new double Din head unit yesterday and mostly good. but I now have no power to the windows or radio when the ignition is off but key is still in lock I have to turn the key to acc to get windows and radio. before changing head unit I had power to windows for a few minutes...
  7. Cobra88

    B6 Bulb Warning ??

    Hi Guys At the Weekend I discovered one of my stop tail bulbs had completely blown (Vacuum gone) didn't have a bulb failure warning ?? Is it fitted to all B6 models or only some ? Have enabled full DIS and thought bulb fail was part of standard Audi A4 spec.
  8. Cobra88

    My Audi A4 B6 Avant Sport Tdi 130 (6) Build Thread

    Hi Guys & Girls Sticking too many pics in my what have you done to your B6 today so started my own build thread :) Stuck the B6 S4 rims on and went out for a Bimble around Suffolk with MRS & the Dog (Woody) It needs a bit of daylight reduction but not too bad on sport suspension.
  9. Cobra88

    Saloon Rear bumper to Avant ?

    Hi Guys Have done a search but no answer to my question. If I buy a gmbh Saloon rear valance with twin pipe exits will it fit my Avant sport ? Rick
  10. Cobra88

    HELP! Anyone got a 5 speed Tdi Gearbox laying round ?

    Hi Guys Well my Gearbox has gone and i can't find a reasonable 5 speed tdi Box for sale. Anyone got one laying round ? Should be in classifieds but just get swamped with 8P grill adverts and missed Bring back old for sale section as new one sucks donkey ****s!. ;) Regards Rick
  11. Cobra88

    Need some help from a TDi 130 owner to measure some parts

    Hi Guys I know 90% of the forum is S3 but there are a few of us TDi guys here. im squeezing more oomph out of my old 110 VE (non PD) engined TDi. seem to have hit a wall now as the inlet pipes can't do any more flow. Can a 130 asz engined A3 owner plese remove their Air flow meter and measure...
  12. Cobra88

    Will S3 Bumpers fit a normal A3 ?

    Hi Guys & Girls Any of you long term 8L nuts know if pre facelift S3 bumpers will fit on a normal Facelift A3 ? Also are S3 front wings different to a normal A3 ? Thanks in Advance :respekt: