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  1. Steve D

    The Number in a Photo thread

  2. Steve D

    The Number in a Photo thread

  3. Steve D

    Rising used car prices.

    Our A3 £16,500 on WBAC £16,697 on Motorway Paid £12,835 in February which was the WBAC valuation then with about 2,500 miles less on the clock.
  4. Steve D

    New Audi Owner as a First Car and New to Forums!

    I think you should pass your test first and discuss any mods with your insurance company before doing anything to it. if you don’t and the worse comes to the worse, you could find yourself being being prosecuted for no insurance and if you get six points (standard for no ins) within 2 years of...
  5. Steve D

    Rising used car prices.

    Now at £16,500!
  6. Steve D

    Rising used car prices.

    Mines gone up another hundred quid since last month. We paid the WBAC valuation to my sister in law of £12,835 in February, now it’s at £16,220.
  7. Steve D

    E5 And E10 Fuel

    I’ll be using E10. There is a compatibility checker and this is what it says for Audi's. Audi E10 petrol is cleared for use in all Audi petrol driven vehicles, excluding the following vehicles: First generation direct injection engines: Audi A2 1.6 FSI, model years 2003-2005 Audi A3 1.6 FSI...
  8. Steve D

    Battery cover missing?

    They would have given the battery and the top of the engine a wipe over when they finished the service.
  9. Steve D

    New clutch will not engage when engine is running

    Assuming there’s no mechanical reasons for the dragging, it may still have some trapped air. What I’ve done in the past is give the clutch pedal half a dozen or more quick pumps ensuring the pedal goes right to the floor then finish with the pedal on the floor. Wedge the pedal down with a stick...
  10. Steve D

    Change engine out, no idea where this connector goes

    Looked like a double to me. The fact it can only be plugged in one way seems to indicate that. Singles don’t normally have connector plugs like that. Some wear sensors are singles anyway as they work by earthing out on the disc.
  11. Steve D

    Change engine out, no idea where this connector goes

    Not engine related but it looks like something that goes to the brake pad wear/abs sensor.
  12. Steve D

    100,000+ miles manual gearbox oil change

    I'm due to change the clutch on our 110k+ TDI Golf soon. Although supposedly not needed, I had planned to change the gear oil at the same time too. Surprised me how gear oil turns black.
  13. Steve D

    DIY Air-con Re-gas - Do they work?

    Did mine last week. Has yours gradually got worse or stopped working all of a sudden? Edit: Check what gas your car uses. I’ve just looked at my A3 and it doesn’t use the R134A gas I bought for the Golf at £60 a bottle (retail), it...
  14. Steve D

    The Dawn of Audi Ownership... In this case, an A3.

    A very nice looking car but as nice as it is, I can guarantee if you’d travelled from London or even from within the North/South circular roads, you wouldn’t have bought that one. £12.50 ULEZ charge per day for that car From October. I had to get rid of my diesel Evoque because of that. :frown:
  15. Steve D

    Aircon recharge

    So, with the hot weather we're having, our old Golf is struggling to get cool inside so rather than pay £60+ for a top up, I decided to take a chance and DIY it. We've had the Golf 8 years and it’s never been topped up. Went to Halfords and bought a bottle of gas and a trigger and digital gauge...
  16. Steve D

    Rising used car prices.

    When we bought our A3 in Feb this year, we bought it off of a relative who let us have it for the WBAC valuation. I’ve just renewed the insurance and they gave a higher price than we paid for it so I’ve just checked the WBAC valuation again and it’s gone up by £3,165. I sold our diesel Evoque...
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    The Number in a Photo thread

  18. Steve D

    The Number in a Photo thread

  19. Steve D

    The Number in a Photo thread

  20. Steve D

    1.4TFSI CoD Activation dip?

    Same here with my 2017 model with 35k on the clock. Simply cannot tell the difference when coming out of 2 cyl mode.