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  1. Bradks3

    Revo at JKM

    You can get 25% off Revo software at the moment, so I'm thinking about taking the plunge on my S3. My nearest dealer is JKM in Portsmouth. Has anybody had any experience with them? I have never had any software on my previous cars so am a little apprehensive about the whole thing. Can anyone...
  2. Bradks3

    S3 Standard wheel weight?

    Does anyone know the weight of the standard S3 wheels? Im looking at options for new wheels and keep reading about the benefits of saving unsprung weight. I notice that very few wheel manufacturers publish the weight of their wheels, but it would be nice to at least have a starting weight on...
  3. Bradks3

    RS3 rotors on S3?

    I have been thinking about fitting some RS3 rotors to my S3 sportback. I currently have some aftermarket 19" wheels fitted and was surprised that the handling and ride vastly improved over the standard 18s, seemed less harsh, possibly due to the tyres (Goodyear eagle 2s). Anyway I want to keep...
  4. Bradks3

    Aluminium interior trim

    I went for the interior aluminium trim over the black optic, but am now started to regret my decision. It's really soft. I originally went for it as why would you have plastic over aluminium? However I now have a mark on each of the front doors caused by the seat belt buckle. And a really...
  5. Bradks3

    Apr now available!!!

    Just received an email from Regal Autosport. Apr now available for the latest VAG cars :)
  6. Bradks3

    A couple of tyre questions..

    I'm changing my standard 18" wheels on my s3. I have gone for some 19" 8j wheels with a et46. So very close to the oem 19" wheels. My question is what would be the best tyres to fit 225/35/19 or 235/35/19. Looking at online tyre calculators I see the 225's give the nearest overall wheel diameter...
  7. Bradks3

    Standard s3 18" wheel cost?

    I have had my car just over a week and am loving it. However, unbelievably after 18 months of 'curb' free motoring in my previous gti I have gone and curbed the front nearside wheel!! I now feel a little sick.... Anyone know the cost of a single wheel from Audi or know where one could be sourced...
  8. Bradks3

    No build date after 7.5 weeks??

    Hi, I'm after people's opnion on this. I ordered my S3 sportback on the 23rd of February, I had not heard anything from the dealer, so went in to see them last week. Still no build date! Not a massive or unusual spec.. Glacier white, Audi Sound system, Interior light package with auto rear...
  9. Bradks3


    Hi to everybody, I ordered a glacier white s3 sportback last week. I'm very excited, coming from a golf gti, and previously an A1 which was great but just too small. Looks to be a great fourm, I'm looking forward to spending some time on here.. Thanks, Brad.
  10. Bradks3

    S3 audi sound system no sub?

    Hi, I'm new to the fourm but already looking for some advise. I ordered my S3 Sportback last week and originally went for the B&O system, however I'm still a little undecided and have been playing around on the online configurator. I noticed that with the S3 and S3 sportback the Audi sound...