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  1. stevec

    Edit or delete old posts...

    Hello, I can't seem to edit an old post in the forum, is this just a permissions thing? Steve
  2. stevec

    Personalised RS3 number plate

    Hello, Sadly I won't now be getting an RS3, although did enjoy looking at the one proudly sat next to the history of RS avant's located on the humungus Audi stand at Goodwood Thursday last, but things have sadly changed. Ho-hum. :sorry: Anyway, the one thing I did obtain (being a little over...
  3. stevec

    Sprint Blue S3 xxx Bristol

    Hello, :racer: Spotted nice Sprint Blue S3 xxx today near the RAC building (off the motorway), very impressed even more so as I as I was in a sprint blue S3 xxx too. :) Very nice to see another Mk II S3 with an S3 xxx number plate, in the same colour and in the same area! Cheers, :s3addict:
  4. stevec

    Who has an S3 with Bucket seats...

    ...cus I realsied I got £25 off the price of my motor. Why? Well... I ordered the bucket seats on my new S3, no great shakes there, but the online Audi configurator told me I had to have a first aid kit, strange I thought, would that be beacuse there was no lumbar support? (Actually there...
  5. stevec

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Effin Marvelous!

    Just had an email from the dealer! My stupidly spec'd S3 will be available from the dealers on Monday 16th April!!! Yippee. Can't wait! :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: Fantastic. :hubbahubba: So AL_B have you got a date yet? Must be due a call from the dealer too?
  6. stevec

    Adaptive Lights

    Does anyone have the adaptive light option fitted to their A3/S3? I would be interested to know what experience anyone else has had with this option? Thanks
  7. stevec

    Any S3 owners replaced a bulb in the instrument cluster?

    I have ordered a new S3 which is built during week 12. Yippee. One of the things I noticed about a night time test drive of the new S3 however is that the instrument cluster lights up white rather then red (not like my current S3). Boo. The new dials on the cluster are white like my...
  8. stevec

    Audi configurator now includes S3

    For those interested... The Audi configurator link is at the bottom under "Configure your Audi" and its possible to select the S3 and build your dream spec.
  9. stevec

    S3 now on

    For the few of us left who are interested... For the rest you have have a look at how you don't want to spend £27K+ :-)
  10. stevec

    Will your new S3 be in bright orange sir?

    Er, no, perhaps not... But if this is your idea of a subtle Audi then have a look at the pictures from the Paris Motor Show this year... I personally am still waiting for a Sprint Blue and have yet to see this in any decent...
  11. stevec

    What I do if the new S3 turns out not to be the car for me..

    Choices, choices, choices… I have a 4 ½ year old 8L S3 and was until very recently in the market for a new 8P S3 without thinking about it much, now don’t get me wrong I do actually like the new S3, the fact that it is understated means it will get a little less attention compared to the...