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  1. redspudder

    hey, recomendations on polishes, wax, sealants, etc etc...

    I agree about the pricing but thats only if you go to a certain big highstreet car maintenance shop!!!It can be found cheaper online,we have a local shop called Boyes who do it dirt cheap.I have also sorts of brands i love Werkstat system which my wifes car is currently wearing,i have a sample...
  2. redspudder

    hey, recomendations on polishes, wax, sealants, etc etc...

    I disagree to a certain extent i think SRP especially the new formula is a very underated polish and HD wax also the same although i wouldnt pay £45 for it.i have many waxes and polishes i have CG 50/50 wax and think HD is parralel with it if not slightly infront due to the price (found it...
  3. redspudder

    First Time Detailing Help Please

    Hi mate You want the polish on before the sealant as the polish will strip the sealant if you do it the other way round, when you say sealant what is it extra gloss protection if its autoglym?If it is i wouldnt wax on top of it no need to.super resin polish is a good underated polish in my...
  4. redspudder

    Recommend a decent DA/Polisher?

    John I wasnt suggesting the G220V2,DAS-6 and DAS 6 pro are the same. All i was saying is the DAS-6 and G220 in my opinion are the same machine i have used a G220 and i own a DAs-6 and in my eyes they are very very simlar.Obviously PB are the experts and can give good information (as you have to...
  5. redspudder

    Recommend a decent DA/Polisher?

    Essentially the Megs G220 and Das-6 are the same machine except the Megs is more expensive as you are paying for the name,i think the new G220v2 and the Das-6 pro are very simlar again you are paying the extra for the name. I managed to get a Das-6 off ebay for £45 brand new last year.It sat in...
  6. redspudder

    Someone please recommend a reburb place

    I got mine repaired at my local Audi dealer cost me £75 and they did a cracking job
  7. redspudder


    I currently have SV shield on mine and looks quality,i bought a tester pot of detailing world i wouldnt pay £105 for it.I also have Werkstat acrylic system that looks good.
  8. redspudder

    Why is it that red coloured cars paintwork looks so poor after a few years?

    I would like to think this paint will not fade!! That said my first car was a D reg vauxhall astra in maroon and the back quarter was a nice pink colour due to fading!!
  9. redspudder

    A4 wearing Swissvax shield

    Yesterday was just a quick to up as i had it professionally detailed the about 2 months ago after my local Audi dealer had washed it after i told them not to (long long story). My usual process from scratch would be as follows Snow foam with megs APC (as i want to strip what ever is...
  10. redspudder

    A4 wearing Swissvax shield

    Its Misano mate
  11. redspudder

    A4 wearing Swissvax shield

    Here are a few pictures from todays detail,just got a tester pot of swissvax shield and this is the results so far very impressed with SV easy on and easy off and nice gloss would i pay £105 for it im not so sure.
  12. redspudder

    Leather Air Freshener

    I bought some chemical guys sprayable leather and it smells great and lasts a while too. leather repair, leather repair kits, leather repairing, fix leather, torn leather, scratched leather, leather scratches, faded leather, leather dyeing, leather paint, leather recoloring, automotive...
  13. redspudder

    Gave the car its winter perp yesterday.

    I decided it was time for the winter prep on the car i tried collinte 845 for the first time and i have to say im well impressed by it. Here is the process i used and some pictures. Snow foam with Megs APC 2 bucket method poorboys slick suds built hamber soft clay autosmart tardis re-snow...
  14. redspudder

    Meguiars Nxt Generation Tech Car Wax

    Has anyone used this product and got any views on it?I've just bought the Tech Wax and the Tech wax spray top up today read some good reviews on the stuff but it wasnt cheap.I also god Meguiar's scratc X scratch remover they were on 3 for 2 in Halfords.