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    Rear Wheel Bearing - type?

    I am overseas and away from my car, hence the request for help, so I can order parts that will be ready for me when I return. I have a noisy rear wheel bearing which I intend to fix myself. (I've done a bearings before so I know they can be a tough job) My question is whether the rear hub...
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    2002 S3 - rear wishbone bushes

    Has anyone got any experience of changing these, any tips or hints? I've done many a bush before so not looking for general advice, but anything specific to the S3 would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Hot Start - revs remaining high

    Mine is a 2003 S3 and it's just started doing someting a bit funny when you hot start. It fires nio problem and cold start is normal. All other runnign characteristics seem normal. When you hot start, the revs will remain at between 1200 - 1400 for a good 30 seconds after start, instead of...
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    New Front Discs Juddering

    Well, i changed the discs and pads abtou 1 month ago. I drive normally. I cleaned up the hub face very well. Now when braking from anythign above 60mph there is a very noticable judder, so bad teh glove box rattles and you feel it through the chasis & seat. What the heck? Didn't buy dealer...
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    Rear Springs

    Was looking under my car at the weekend as I have been hearing a few slight noises coming from the back. I noticed the springs looked like they had moved slightly from their seats - in the lower arms. Neither are broken and I coudln't feel any excessive play in any bushes. Has anyone come...
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    After Market Brake Pads

    Just bought aome after market brake pads and noticed both the inboard pads have wear sensors, but i thought o the car, that only the passenger side had an electrical connection for the pad wear wire. Do you just snip off the extra wire if not required?
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    Warped Discs?

    Car had genuine audi disc and pads (front) 20k miles ago fromt eh dealer and now there is pedal / steering wheel vibration when I brake. There's still some meat on the pads, but is that a reasonable amount of time for the discs to last? Looking at changing for standard type (ie nto upgrade)...
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    Timing Belt Cover Pic

    Does anyone have a pic of the top timing belt cover area of the engine? I've removed a clip that holds the steering pump fluid hose (the one covered in heat-proof braiding) onto the timing belt cover and can't see where it goes back on. ie teh one you have to move when taking the top timing...
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    ICE Problem (Bose upgrade)

    My S3 car has the BOSE upgrade but I've notice I have no sound from the front right speaker whatsoever and the back right has no bass output from the subwoofer. Any ideas where the wiring is and what I should check first? Thanks
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    Coin Tray Removal

    2003 S3 You kow the coin tray / cubby hole thin above the ashtray? My lid does not stay down anymore, was wandering how it is removed to investigate repair or renewal? Cheers
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    S3 Suspension creaking at front

    any ideas or weak points / common complaints? when you go over a noticable bump, opr eg speedhump - and i do take them slowly and carefully - you hear a creaky groan from the front. Not so much a clicking or metallic thumping, but somethings obviously moving somewhere. Car is a 2003 with 32k...