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  1. B-J-P

    Possible 2019 S3 purchase advice

    I’ve just put a deposit down on a 2019 S3 (not seen it in person yet) and have now realised that it will have the GPF. Looking at the feedback on here and I’m almost tempted to pull out of the sale and lose my £500. Anyone got any advice and whether or not I should go ahead? One of the selling...
  2. B-J-P

    For Sale A4 b6/b7 Whispbar roof bars

    Having a clear out and have these available. They sit lower on the roof than normal bars helping with aero dynamics and also look better in my opinion. £75 + postage
  3. B-J-P

    For Sale A4 B6/B7 Window Shades

    Having a clear out and as my A4 has gone I have these available. They slot into place with ease. Decent alternative to window tints. £45 ono
  4. B-J-P

    Sold B7 A4 Avant 2.0 TFSI Special Edition

    [/url] [/IMG] Hi, reluctantly in putting my car up for sale, its been well cared for and only 2 owners from new (me being the 2nd). This has to be one of the cleanest B7 Special edition Quattro's on the market I searched for a long time to find the right one with a top spec. I will...
  5. B-J-P

    LED DRL's with OEM Xenon's

    Anyone changed their OEM DRL's to LED's, I'm considering buying some as the current LED's are very yellow in contrast to the Xenon's, be interested to know how bright they are and if anyone had any issues. Any pics would be great. Cheers
  6. B-J-P

    A4 B7 side lights/drl

    Hi, We've exchanged some emails and wondered if you'd come up with best options for my sidelights/drl for my xenon headlights? Cheers Brad
  7. B-J-P

    My new A4 Avant Special Edition Quattro

    After 2 years of BMW ownership I've gone back to an Audi, just put a deposit down on the new car this morning, he is refurbishing the alloys and calipers to any colour I want so will be having a look on here for some ideas. Probably get the chrome wrapped as well. Its got a good spec Xenons...
  8. B-J-P

    Strange boost issue when warm

    Hi, wondered I anyone could help. I went on my first longish drive yesterday since buying my a4 1.8tq. About 40 mins into journey it stopped boosting. Felt like turbo not working and no power. I started my return journey and all was working again, then the same thing happened. Have driven it...
  9. B-J-P

    Keyfob not working

    Hi, wondered if anyone can help?, I have searched but doesnt seem to be any resolution to the problem. My keyfob has stopped working completely, I though the battery had gone but I replaced it and it still doesnt work. I only have the one key and have tried using the instructions in the manual...
  10. B-J-P

    Thoughts please - Audi Cambelt price match promise

    I have been in contact with my local audi who have a price promise on offer. The deal is for the cambelt to be replaced at £399 incl vat or if you find it cheaper elsewhere they will match the price. I have managed to get a cheaper quote from a couple of other local repairers, their price...
  11. B-J-P

    Audi Sat Nav

    Wondered if anyone could assist. If the battery is disconnected for an amount of time, does the built in Sat Nav system lose its data?. Someone I know has had this happen to them and have been told they have to obtain a disc at a cost of £170 to install it again. Cheers
  12. B-J-P

    2.0 TFSI Misfire/slight hesitation advice needed

    Hi, Wondered if anyone could help. I seem to be getting a misfire and slight hesitation when I accelerate, more noticeable at high speeds and particularly when overtaking. I have had a coil pack replaced a few weeks ago after which it was running fine. Just been into my local garage and...
  13. B-J-P

    Centre Caps and wheel nut cap removal tool

    Hi, Just wondered if you can get hold of any of these centre caps? ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting Also I'm after the wheel nut removal tool, do you have these available? Thanks Brad
  14. B-J-P

    Coil Pack gone

    On way to work this morning, engine light started flashing and misfiring. Got to work at 7.30 which was half a mile away. I called the AA who arrived at 7.45 and car was fixed by 8.00. Turned out to be the coil pack which cost me £45. So all in all v impressed with AA and didnt turn out to be...
  15. B-J-P

    Brake Caliper and rear hub pic request

    I've got 11 days off over the bank holiday weekends so thought I'd get some things done to the car. Just wondered if anyone has some photos of their calipers, I'm torn between Black or Silver? just want the subtle clean finish rather than the rusty hubs and grubby calipers. Cheers in advance
  16. B-J-P

    2.0 TFSI Engine cover

    I was doing some investigations to see what kind of state my air filter was in this morning, unfortunately it appears that sometime during its life the audi dealer has managed to damage the engine cover trying to get it off, I understand this is quite a common problem. Anyway I wondered if...
  17. B-J-P

    Alloy centre caps

    Wondered if anyone could help. A centre cap has fallen off one of my replica RS4 alloys, I have bought some new ones from ebay but they are not deep enough. The caps on my alloys slot into the hole about 2 inches. I can't find any replacements on the internet at all. Has anyone got any...
  18. B-J-P

    New Key fob

    Hi, I'm after a spare key for my A3 2006, can you supply these programmed or un-programmed and if so what are the prices? Cheers
  19. B-J-P

    My new A3 S line 2.0 TFSI Special Edition S Tronic

    Picked it up the other day and thought I'd put a few photos on here. Have gone from this A4 2.0 TDI: To this ! Cheers
  20. B-J-P

    Bluefin / Remap Problem

    I've just bought a 2.0 TDI S line and thought i'd treat myself to a remap, I've received the bluefin and uploaded my file from the car, sent this back to Superchips who have advised me that my car already has an existing modified map ! I asked whether I should upload the bluefin and if I dont...