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  1. mrobbie

    Buying advice: 2008 Q7 TDI

    Thanks. Will def listen out for the compressor.
  2. mrobbie

    Buying advice: 2008 Q7 TDI

    Got a viewing of an '08 Q7 3.0 TDI S-Line 240 next week. Anyone got any pointers / advice to help me when I'm looking over it. (If all goes well, might have a Q7 and a TT in the drive by end of next week...) Thanks
  3. mrobbie

    Q7 and snow?

    Getting all set to move to Romania for a few years with work and have just sold our Range Rover Sport Supercharged. Planning a replacement 4x4 as when it snows in Romania, it properly snows. I'm deciding between a RRS TDV8 and a Q7 3.0 TDI. From my own experience, Iknow the RRS would handle...