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  1. Shao_khan

    48hr Test Drives

    Be Carefull when you take one with Lexus folks - it seems that it is upsetting some well certainly one maindealer as folks appear to be using it as a free hire car :D Upset Lexus Dealer
  2. Shao_khan

    where to get 102 /106 octane fuel?

    The BP near to the Aston Factory in Newport used to have 102 as well - again silly price. Full list on the BP site:
  3. Shao_khan

    Car advice

    I cant name the tuner - because he is covered - he sold the car to a family member before I got the car. I cant imagine his mum had the ability to do this, but i cant prove the tuner did it, so naming and shaming is out of the question (I cant afford the legal battle), even if the car is one...
  4. Shao_khan

    Car advice

    Well it turns out the Tuner sold the car to his Mum and she was the previous owner to me, so I cant prove a relationship between this 2nd rate tuner in desperate need for some staff and an accurate rolling road and the clocking offence, so I'm going to have to give up on this. Shame as it is...
  5. Shao_khan

    Car advice

    Since posting this a couple of people have come forward to say they know the car and are aware of the story with the car. SO thanks guys +++ SO what to do now, speak to the previous owner or just hand over to the police?
  6. Shao_khan

    Car advice

    Nah - had a few since then (14 or 15).....
  7. Shao_khan

    Car advice

    Yeah i got it the end of last year, so maybe 4yrs after last main dealer service. Tried calling the bloke but cant get past switchboard!!!!
  8. Shao_khan

    Car advice

    Got a Futura Yellow 2.8 V6 Passat last October / november with 76000 (ish) recorded miles. Went to book it in for 80k service as advised and mate in the service department advises me that my car had an 80000 service in 2001 imagine my suprise - according to dialogue the car had covered over 78k...
  9. Shao_khan

    New Company Car Part 2

    I voted for R32 nice cruiser and still looks like it will be fun should you want it. I am a little biased against the TTr at the moment being well and truely fed up with the piece of junk i purchased last year and so if you wanted a 2 seater I'd go for S2000.
  10. Shao_khan

    Wedding Car

    My Sister had a Lotus Carlton as her wedding car - that was quite cool - trouble was she got to the reception 20 mins before all the guests - think the driver liked it as well!!!!
  11. Shao_khan

    My first car;

    Vauxhall Viva 1300L, Gold with Black Vynl seats.
  12. Shao_khan

    Can anyone....

    Find me a cracked / hacked membership to this site:- Please do not view site if easily ofended - I needed to post link to enable people to research. Would love any asistance people can give....
  13. Shao_khan

    Free SMS

    Cheers Graham
  14. Shao_khan

    Good to see you back

    Hello Scott, What dates next Ace Cafe meet?
  15. Shao_khan

    All manor of rubbish

    And looking at the subject heading then I must be within topic so unless I post a nakid girlie I shouldnt be moderated
  16. Shao_khan

    All manor of rubbish

    Not that I mind if you didnt sleep well, but you know post count and all that.
  17. Shao_khan

    All manor of rubbish

    Morning Folks, trust you all slept well
  18. Shao_khan

    Racing Sim Forum

    My skill at racing sims is only matched by my driving skills with a real car - I am cr@p. Can we have Other games as well?
  19. Shao_khan

    Couple of questions for admin...

    Yeah but S-club isnt a very good name is it - I mean lots of us dont have S's and VIP sounds elitist and so how about Gentlemens club (well they had a ladies bit before).
  20. Shao_khan

    Free SMS

    And here was me thought you had found me a great SMS place.... Helms Deep - Oh it was a tough day, orcs everywhere, and it totaly messed up my hair do I got for christmas